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Car Guy Christmas Gifts for the lazy shopper like me.

This was actually and email I sent out but wanted to share it here also for everyone.

If you are like me you stay away from all types of shopping places from November till halfway through January because of the crowds and chaos. I only go to stores at this time when my wife makes me run point while getting groceries. Also if you are like me, you haven’t started shopping for anyone yet.

So I wanted to help both of us out and came up with a small list of gift ideas for the car person in your life on Amazon so that we don’t have to go to the store and everything shows up at your house, even gift wrapped if you  choose. It doesn’t get any easier than that.



VW Driver Gear Schematic ShirtI thought this was pretty cool. I liked the old school schematic look to the shirt.

Mk1-MK7 Grille Shirt Ladies–  From a MK1 Single Round all the way up to a MK7 grille. I thought It was a mens originally so I was bummed a bit when I saw that it was a ladies.

3’x5′ VW Logo Flag– White with blue print VW logo flag would look good in a garage or man cave.

Liqui Molly Diesel Purge–  Nice little stocking stuffer for any diesel owner. I’ve got a video here on how to use it in your TDI.

Bluetooth OBD2 Reader– VCDS isn’t always around when you need it, but this cheepie OBD2 reader coupled with the Torque app can read most codes, give you tons of sensor readings and give you an additional gauge set as well as 0-60 times and estimated HP.

Solar Powered Battery Pack– Power isn’t always available when you need it and this handy pack is charged up by the sun or a charger and has adapters to charge your phone as well as laptop. My wife is getting me one for Christmas this year, she just doesn’t know I know.

NOCO Genius Boost GB30– Sometimes your battery gets weak or you leave  the lights on. This handy little jump pack will be there to save the day. I reviewed its bigger brother the GB70 on VWD and loved it.

Heavy Duty Portable Air Compressor– Lots of times we forget about our spare tires and they aren’t ready when we need them. I keep a portable compressor in my MK4 all the time just because you never know.

Meguiar’s Car Care Pack– Winter time is rough on your car, help show it some love and keep the rust monster at bay.

MasterTEC Compact Tool Set– One can never be too prepared on a long road trip so a small tool kit like this is great to stick in the truck for times when you are away from your tool box and need something.

AAA First Aid Kit– On the same lines as the tool kit you can never go wrong with a First Aid kit in your trunk.

GoPro HERO4– Capture and share all of your epic road trips and track days with the GoPro HERO4. Its easier to brag when you have it on video.

Cobra Radar Detector– I’m pretty sure we know why we need this one.

Awesome VWDiesel Shirts!– What would Christmas be without a VWDiesel shirt 😉 Had to add it to the list.


Hopefully something on this list gives you some good ideas for the car guy or gal in your life. Now I just need to figure out what to get my wife this year… Honestly what do you get the woman who puts up with all of my VW stuff day after day after day after day, etc. Maybe psychiatric treatment, or a month long cruise, or a crown. I’ll have to see what I have in the junk bin.



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