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Let’s build a Smyth Performance Ute on VWDiesel

Have you ever noticed how projects sometimes spiral out of control? How sone simple idea can turn into a project that you never expected?



Well that has happened here for VWDiesel. We had the idea to start a weekly video series to go along with the podcast with tips, tricks, shop talk and how-to’s and it has been spiraling out of control behind the scenes.

We had the idea to do some easy projects for the guy just getting into VWs to be able to learn from. Like bolt on power upgrades to a MK4, or a complete easy TDI swap for a MK1, or a MTDI swap in a MK1. And now that first idea of tuning a mk4 has turned into a full out Smyth Performance Ute conversion build.

So far we have things like bigger injectors, bigger downpipe and exhaust, VNGT17 swap, 11mm pump upgrade, larger intercooler and plumbing and more planned for this car. We are even thinking of raising it up and making it more truck like and usable for an every day work vehicle rather than making it low and slow.

So to kick off this new venture for us we created a couple Teespring campaigns to get you guys involved in it and help us put this awesome build together. All shirts sold go to the building of the project which will take place for everyone to watch on the new VWDiesel show.


build your dreams ute

The first shirt has a Smyth Ute on it with the caption ‘Build Your Dreams’. That’s what any project car is until its completed, just a dream hoping to become reality. If you have ever tried to build something from scratch before you know how hard it can be to make it a reality and sometimes it is only that dream that keeps you going when you are staring at wiring diagrams or sanding for endless hours or trying to figure out a random issue that is a major issue. So come help us build our dreams and share in the process of making it a reality. This shirt is also available in a hoodie and can be found here on Teespring.


blood sweat diesel mockup

The second shirt is simply ‘Blood Sweat, and Diesel’. That’s what life is around here. Working hard on projects, giving the VW gods a blood sacrifice and turning diesel into power. This shirt is also available in a hoodie and can be found here at Teespring.


Thanks for helping us out with our first major build. The past year and a half of me owning VWDiesel has been a blast with a lot of hard work and money invested in it and I hope you check out the new video show when it is released in the next month.


About the Author

Hello, I am the Administrator of VWDiesel. We started tuning in 2004 under the name Diesel Inside. Renamed to Malone Tuning Ltd. in 2009.

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