Everything you Ever wanted to know about VW part numbers


The Volkswagen and Audi part numbering system was created in the early 1930s by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche.  Ferdinand Porsche is best known for Founding Porsche as well as creating the original Beetle.  This Part numbering system will be found in use by many VWAG models including VW, Audi,Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Seat and Skoda.  While at first glance the part number just looks like a long string of numbers.  We will show you that there is much more to them. Read more

Malone Tuning Free ECU Tune Giveaway

I am excited to announce that the long-awaited Malone Tuning Giveaway is finally live! Any tune that is offered in their catalog is up for grabs and all you have to do is enter your email to win. Plus the more you share the contest with your friends the more chances you get entered to win, so make sure you share it with everyone. You can enter by clicking HERE or on the big image below.

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Rampaging down the Green Mile

Dodge… If you are a fan of the good ole days the name might conjure up images of of wildly colored Mopar sedans with huge Hemi motors cruising up and down the street or eating up the drag strip a quarter mile at a bite. If you are’t a fan the name may bring to mind the atrocity that was the PT Cruiser, Neon, or everyones favorite to hate, the Caravan. Dodge has been all over the place from the peak of performance to the lows of the econobox. Like a drunken frat boy Dodge or its parent company Chrysler has had many strange bedfellows throughout its years which leads us to a one night stand with VW and Chrysler; the Omni.

In 78 Chrysler began sourcing engines for the Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon from VW in the form of a 1.7L gas motor with some changes made just for Chrysler such as a larger displacement (1.5 to 1.7L) bigger intake runners, different carb setup and a few other small changes. This motor was mated to a 4 speed 020 variant in some configurations and a Chrysler automatic transmission in others. This strange partnership would last for only a few years before the motor was phased out for a larger 2.2L engine, but it has left us with an interesting option for us to swap our VW diesel motors into after our original cars rust to pieces… The K-Car, or in this case the Dodge Rampage.

Enter Steve Menendez. Read more


MK4 01M Transmission Fluid Change procedure

For everyone with an 01M transmission I cannot stress how important it is to service your transmission regularly. Lets face it, they weren’t that good to start off with and with the newest 01M being about 10 years old they aren’t getting any better. I tend to see them crap out anywhere around 140K to 160k miles on average if they aren’t serviced. The service procedure takes about an hour to hour and a half and cost about $85 for parts. Its a no brainer to do when you compare the price of a good used transmission (Unobtanium) or a complete rebuild.

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The road to SoWo 2015

I hadn’t planned on going to SoWo this year. I’m not that cool.


It started with getting invited to hang out with some companies that I have been working with at VWDiesel and getting to meet them and put faces with names. I was pretty flattered quite honestly. So I began talking with my wife about going down. It was pretty late notice, about 2 weeks before the show, and I figured that all of the hotels would be booked. Luck shined in my favor and a friend was no longer going and his rooms were available. Booyah!

But, before we could make  the move he canceled the rooms because he hadn’t heard back from me.  So I started looking for other options to make it down there with my wife and 3 year old.  After much back and forth we decided that it would be too hard on Max to be at the show all weekend and that it would be best for me to go by myself. This decision wasn’t an easy one because in my almost 4 years of marriage my wife and I haven’t spent a day apart. She is my best friend and love always having here at my side, but sometimes you have to make the hard choices and this was one of them.

So now that I’m going down there by myself where am I going to stay? The back seat of a Mk4 Jetta sounds pretty homey doesn’t it? Luckily it didn’t come to that and a friend of mine offered me the couch at his place. Awesome. Read more


Review: S&P Automotive MK1 02A and 02J swap kit.

What is one of the hardest parts of swapping a newer motor into the A1 chassis (Mk1 Jetta/Rabbit, Scirocco 1, Scirocco 2, and Cabriolet)?  Making Stuff bolt up that wasn’t designed to. The second hardest part I would say is wiring, but thats an article for another time. This is where some of the products from S&P Automotive come in handy. Sal Robertson at S&P was nice enough to send me a full 02A swap kit for an upcoming TDI swapped Caddy project that I want to build to show you just how easy it can be to do a TDI swap into an A1 chassis vehicle. So I wanted to share how cool the kit is before I start on the swap. The guys at S&P were also nice enough to give everyone at VWDiesel a discount code to save on any of their products. If you use the code ‘vwdieselnet’ at checkout it will take 10% off your order.


For starters here is a video of me reviewing the kit the day I got it in the mail. I was actually so excited to get it I called up or small post office and ran and picked it up before it got on the truck.

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VWDiesel Stickers are in and available for sale!

Yes they are finally here. I know lots of people have been asking about them on Facebook and in emails and private messages, and they are finally here and ready for everyone. They are 2×8″ long printed on outdoor vinyl suitable to slap on your car and show your VWD pride.  I will have some VWDiesel shirts and possibly license plate frames up soon too after SoWo. All proceeds go back into supporting (as does most of my money 😉

Stickers are $2 each shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 states. If you life outside the continental US please  EMAIL  me about getting one.






Foxy Motor… or a tale of one Fox told twice.

So this post will be a little different than some of the last ones I have done. I have a lot of VW stories, not all of them directly diesel related but still fun. I thought I would try to share some of them with everyone. If there is a positive response I will continue to share more of them from time to time.

I’m not exactly sure how I found this car the first time. It was an 88 Fox wagon, 4 speed, 1.8L, in pretty bad shape. I think it was originally on Craigslist the first time it ran across my path.

The owner had it at a Pep Boys in Indianapolis (about 75 miles from me) and it needed a timing belt or a tire or something like that and was only $400. I text the owner and tried to setup a time to meet him and buy it but someone beat me to getting up there so it passed through my hands. Read more


Its Time to Give Away HALF OFF a Giles Pump and More!

The time is here everyone for us to give away something everyone has been excited about. The chance to win half off a custom built pump form Giles Gallie of Performance Diesel Injection in Ontario Canada. I asked and he was gracious enough to donate half off of a custom pump build to So drop him a line and tell him thanks for his support for the site and check into having your pump rebuilt by Giles and his crew at Performance Diesel, you won’t be disappointed.

Click HERE  to Enter!

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First set of VWD How-To videos, What would you like to see a video of?

Here is the first in a series of How-To videos I have been working on for VWDiesel. It has been an interesting journey working on these two videos, and I’m looking forward to creating more for the site in the future. Especially when it isn’t -8 outside anymore. The first video is ‘How to change your oil in your MK4 ALH’ and the second is ‘How to change your fuel filter and clean your injection pump in a MK4 ALH’.

The first one was done in iMovie and the second in Adobe Premier so they look a little different from each other. Eventually I’ll have cool intros and titles and all of that jazz in them too.

If there is something that you would like to see a video on how to do, leave it in the comments and I’ll see what I can do for you.

On to the videos 😉