10 Tips and Tricks to help your VW diesel start in the winter.

Winter time is here and the season of hard starts is upon us. Thankfully new TDIs aren’t as hard to start as older IDIs or larger diesels can be but I thought it would be a good time to go over some basic winter starting tips to help make our mornings easier. Some of these tips seem obvious to seasoned vets but to someone new to diesel Volkswagens they may be things that  they haven’t thought of yet.

Gehringer Diesel
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The Top 10 Mistakes That Noobs Make When Buying a Volkswagen

What are the most common issues that people run into when they first hop on the VW crazy train? Sometimes we forget that there can be a steep learning curve when getting into the hobby.

I have been in VWs for over 10 years; an eternity, it seems. My out-of-control VW addiction drove me to quit my good-paying job and start my own repair shop. I now have 45-ish parts cars, a few project cars – a few of them even run, and three buildings stuffed full of parts. So, yeah… I’ve got it bad.

Here are what I think the most common mistakes made by Noobs, including myself, when first getting into the VW game. I also conducted a very scientific, completely biased poll on the internet to better define my list. Take that as you will, because everyone knows what you read on the internet is true. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t be writing this. Now, on to the list. After which, I will dive a little deeper on why these are the top ten mistakes.

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VWDiesel.net on Cars Yeah podcast

cars yeah

I had a chance to talk about VWDiesel.net with Mark Greene on his podcast Cars Yeah.  I met Mark through a podcasting group that I joined and he was kind enough to have me on as a guest to talk about my automotive journey and get to share the news about some of the changes to VWDiesel.  His podcast is great for anyone wanting to hear great stories from car people sharing their passion.

You can check out the show and listen to it here on Cars Yeah

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Show Coverage: 2014 Volktoberfest Indianapolis, IN


Saturday, October 11th, marked the 13th annual Annual Volktoberfest VW show Show and Swap Meet held by the Circle City Volkswagen Club (CCVW) in Fishers, Indiana. In its 13 years of existence, the this car show has steadily grown to one of the area’s best VW shows. Volktoberfest is not exclusive to air-cooled or water-cooled VWs; they also welcome Porsche, Audi, and even the occaisional Honda or motorcycle. In addition, they showcase a vast collection of vintage airplanes. This year, there was even a super nice Corvair ramp-bed pickup.  It has a nice and relaxed atmosphere, plenty of great food and music, lots of cool prizes given out to attendees, and best of all – It’s FREE to enter your car. [Read more…]

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