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New Beetle Immobilizer delete process, also for MK4 Jetta or Golf

This post builds off of a pervious post I did about programming MK4 keys. Sometimes new keys have an issue being programmed and the only thing you can do is to get rid of the Immobilizer.

There are several other legal reason that someone might need to delete the Immo in their car. With time this wonderful antitheft system can become quite a hemorrhoid, a real pain in the ass. If you have a cluster issue that requires the cluster to be replaced, or the ECU in your car fries, or possibly the RFID receiver in the in the steering column starts going out intermittent. Also if you are doing an engine swap it is easier to delete the Immo system than transfer all of it over to the new vehicle.

The one drawback with this process is that often the orange Immobilizer light will flash on the cluster. You have the choice to ignore it like a check engine light, or to remove the cluster, take it apart and cover it up. Thats the route we took. In the second half of this video I cover taking the beetle cluster out and  taking it apart. If you have a Jetta or Golf I will have a video of that process up and posted on here before too long, but it is basically the same idea.

Once the ecu is removed from the vehicle it can be sent off to a Tuner who can delete the Immo and send it back to you for reinstallation.

Check out for their Immo delete services.  Or if you have a local Malone Tuner they can also do it for you. Check the Malone Tuning site for a near by dealer.



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