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An Introduction and review of Ross-Tech VCDS software.

With each new generation of Volkswagen it is getting harder and harder to troubleshoot issues on our cars without the aid of computer diagnostic equipment. A generic ODB2 scanner can help out sometimes but they aren’t very good at in depth diagnostics, coding, or advanced troubleshooting. Enter Ross-Tech. Founded by Uwe Ross in 1999 Ross-Tech has been the leading name in professional and enthusiast VW diagnostic services. This video series will be an introduction of sorts to a series of videos we will be doing covering how to use VCDS to troubleshoot, change coding, program keys, and more. If you wish to purchase one they can be found here at FixMyVW.

Instillation and Setup

Instillation of VCDS is pretty simple overall but I created this short video of how to download, install and Setup your new VCDS cable to get you up and running in minutes.


Once you get your VCDS cable setup and running the first thing you should do is perform an Autoscan of your vehicle to see what is going on with it. This video details the process and shows you in detail how to perform an Autoscan.

Using VCDS for key programming

Among one of the many uses for VCDS is key programming, saving you time and money verses taking it to the stealership, err dealership. As time goes goes on we will have more videos detailing other cool uses for VCDS


Finishing up this introductory post to VCDS I would like to thank the team at Ross-Tech. Although I do not know any of them personally they go above and beyond to help enthusiast out with issues with the software, troubleshooting their car, and modifications to coding. If you need help visit their dedicated board on VWVortex. They are very responsive to post on the board, but make sure your post a full autoscan of your car for best results. Don’t let the price of a VCDS cable throw you off from buying it. It is worth its weight in unicorn tears. Over the life of your VW it will save you both time and money, and hair pulling. You can pick up one from our friends at FixMyVW.

About the Author

Hello, I am the Administrator of VWDiesel. We started tuning in 2004 under the name Diesel Inside. Renamed to Malone Tuning Ltd. in 2009.

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