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MK4 01M Transmission Fluid Change procedure

For everyone with an 01M transmission I cannot stress how important it is to service your transmission regularly. Lets face it, they weren’t that good to start off with and with the newest 01M being about 10 years old they aren’t getting any better. I tend to see them crap out anywhere around 140K to 160k miles on average if they aren’t serviced. The service procedure takes about an hour to hour and a half and cost about $85 for parts. Its a no brainer to do when you compare the price of a good used transmission (Unobtanium) or a complete rebuild.

Here is a link to get the fluid change kit from with free shipping.

Torque Specs:

Transmission Pan Torque 12 N/M or 9 FT/Lbs
Drain plug torque 15 N/M or 11 FT/Lbs

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