Published on August 20th, 2015 | by Ryan Turner


How to Remove and Clean your MK4 TDI Intake Manifold.

Has your MK4 become a little slow over time and taking forever to get up to speed?  Chances are that your intake manifold could be clogged with ‘diesel buggers’. The EGR gas coming back into the intake manifold cools down and clings to the sides of the intake manifold and cylinder head causing a thick buildup that can eventually cause the motor to not run at all.

This process is fairly simple and takes about 3 hours to do requiring only basic hand tools such as a 5mm and 6mm allen, 10mm, 12mm and 13mm socket and picks and pliers.



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    GLAD 2 meet U all. I drive a 2015 VW Golf Sport Wagon. I am liking to trade up, N2 a 2016 VW Toureg. I have heard, that the Toureg, 3.0 Diesel, uses a steel timing chain, like the 2.5 gas. Any response, can be appreciated.

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