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Re: Vanagon progress
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I'm back to a fiber head gasket, after 4 MLS AAZ gaskets. The last one made about 18 months before springing a leak... the problem I'm having is sealing up the extra oil return. This last time I used a piece of a rubber truck tire patch - it looks like it reacted with the coolant and turned into a soft, sticky, gooey mess that eventually allowed coolant to leak out. I'm hoping the fiber gasket with studs will stand up to max boost to 18psi. At this point I'm not sold on the MLS upgrade on a mechanical engine...

World's most expensive coolant hose plugs... to properly finish the OEM oil cooler delete:

My version of an oil separator, in an attempt to cut down on smoke and rear door goo - I still need to chase down a 3/4" OD spring to stuff in the one breather hose that's beginning to crimp on that tight radius:

'82 TD Westy
'81 NA Caddy