Author Topic: mTDI / TDI-M Injection Pump FAQ  (Read 234138 times)

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Re: mTDI / TDI-M Injection Pump FAQ
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i just wanted to add some pumps to the list of parts numbers worth searching for. most off them are euro cars though

0 460 424 138 vw LT 2.8 12mm
0 460 414 156 peugeot 2.5 tdi 11mm
0 460 424 164 Fiat Ducato 2.8 tdi 12mm
0 460 414 128 Fiat Ducato 2.5 tdi 11mm
0 460 414 193 Kia Carnival 2.9 tdi 11mm
0 460 414 191 Kia Carnival 2.9 tdi 11mm the one im curently using
0 460 414 099 Land Rover 300 tdi 11mm
0 460 414 098 Land Rover 200 tdi 11mm
0 460 414 054 Iveco Daily 2.5 DI 11mm

GL with the hunt

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Re: mTDI / TDI-M Injection Pump FAQ
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I'm new. I'd like to build a mechanical pump. Unfortunately I don't know how a pump works.
I read the F.A.Q. and some post, some pictures are missing and some links are broken.
I can't explain and understand very well because the language.
Are there news regarding the best donor pump?
Used pumps to be rebuilt aren't  cheap at all so I'm not going to buy more than one.
It's an old project, I havent' got any diesel VW at the moment. Diesel cars aren't allowed to run everywhere because pollution,that's the main problem.
Generally used pumps are sold apart so I could find an used engine without the electronic pump to be used as donor or I could need a pump pulley for a mechanical one because the 20mm shaft.
What would be the best combo?
Thank you very much for your attention.
I think you've already seen those pumps documents.

I thought that they could be useful to find a mechanical pump with the same camplate to fit on the engine but it wassn't so.
I found a catalogue too.

I'd like standard parts to fit without any working. I know,I asked too much and new Bosch spare parts can be very expensive.
I found thatt too, I don't understand what it is. I hope it can be useful anyway.

P.S. I've just discovered that external link aren't allowed. Sorry. Tell me if I must delete them.

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Re: mTDI / TDI-M Injection Pump FAQ
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I'll try to share what I know about some injection pump.

Hi, where I live theres several vans and cars running factory m-tdi setup, Ive stripped a few and the di camplate seems very similar to the vw, can I use the gov and principle levers from one of these pumps instead of modding my own? They seem to be pre modified although I havent made a gabarit to check the principle lever travel heres a pic of the governor levers. All the factory m-tdi governor levers I've seen dont seem to use an intermediate spring in the assembly?

Quote from: dts67

vw m-tdis ? you got more info on this .
 that governor lever on the left lookes like a transit di one
i have done my control lever in a difrant way , but serves the same movment to the control spool

@snakemaster- No, not vws, so far rover 2.0d and transit I've stripped but seen others. The lever is from a rover but the transits looks the same.
@hey- I'm near sure it is, I'll check tomorrow. I'm trying to get a di camplate working in an idi engine (1.9 psa xud), I've read nearly all your 'english' posts and know roughly what to do, you mentioned setting the break point of the injectors to match the camplate, thats no problem but do I then need pre-injection and 2 spring injectors? I've had the car running with an afn di camplate in the pump but the principle lever travel is to short and the engine is LOUD with injectors @175 bar :lol:

I looked for all those pumps but I wasn't very lucky.
You can find Ford Transit injection pumps but they aren't cheap. They're used to replace the lucas EPIC pumps.
I don't know what cars the other pumps are from.
I think Austin-Rover.
If I'm not wrong somebody fit a pump from a car by that brand.It takes to add a spacer to fit on a VW engine.
Probably the pump was from a Maestro-Montego.
There are other Rover DI engines made later but pumps are L and not R, they are from Rover SDI.
I know that engines are by Perkins, I don't what are the differences.
Industrial engine by Perkins are called Prima, probably is the same engine of Maestro-Montego .
Perkins marine engine are sold by Volvo as Penta.
Does anybody know if there a suitable pump and its Bosch number?
Does anybody know the L pumps performance and setting?
Can it be a good idea to use one as a donor pump?
What parts are suitable both for a L and R pump?
I think the body isn't suitable because timing advance is on the opposite side.
Waht else? the camplate?
The rest is universal or not?
Thank you very much.
P.S. If you look for a Kia Carnival on U.K. ebay you must look for Kia Sedona.
That's why I never found one. Somewhere that car is called Sedona.

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Re: mTDI / TDI-M Injection Pump FAQ
« Reply #168 on: June 14, 2019, 01:28:12 pm »
I've some question about mechanical pump for DI.
What about Ducato pumps? Have they got the right pump housing and shaft to fit on standart sprocket and pulley?

For those which have the possibility of it, there exists in Europe several pump ' ' specific DI' ' which is a direct swap, some witch the good alignment of pulley and rev over 4200rpm and this, in 10,11 and 12mm head plunger, ex: peugeot boxer 2.5TDI, fiat ducato 2.5 (some fiat use a TDI 1Z came plate with a 11mm head), Kia 2.9L DOHC, VW transporter 2.8 TDI, etc...... some of this pumps are not proper aligment pulley, there exist a different hub pulley for proper aligment,  that can avoid machinage.

I rember something about some "hybrid" or "Franken "pumps.
DI pumps are from turbo Sofim engines used on vans and light trucks like Fiat Ducato,Peugeot Boxer,Citroen Jumper,Renault Master-Mascotte,Iveco Daily.
Hydraulic heads have 11 and 12mm plungers.
NA engines are all IDI.
Sofim engines were used on cars too but they were all IDI engines even if turbos.
If I'm not wrong somewhere there's a thread about a "Franken" pump composed by a Fiat Croma or Lancia Thema(2.5 turbo IDI Sofim engines) pump and a kia one.
Because can't the Kia pump fit without using another pulley and some parts machining?
Croma and Thema 2.5 pump housing is right?
If I'm not wrong Sofim engines were used on spanish Santanas 4WD, a Land Rover under license, polish Lublins and russian Uaz too.
I don't know if they are CDI or they use electronic pumps, I think somewhere is told about a Uaz pump for M-TDI.I don't remeber the code but on a catalogue was a Daily pump.
I saw just one old ducato pump but it wasn't right for VW sprocket and pulley.
That's why I have many doubts.
Thank you all for yuor help.
I don't know if there's a VW factory mechanical pump.
I rember to have seen on an industrial engines catalogue TDIs with electronic pumps and a NA engine with a mechanical pump. It was written DI.
I tried to find that engine again. I think it was used on Sthil forklift but I have no other infos.
Maybe the brochure was wrong and it was an IDI engine.
That's alla I know.
Sorry if there can be errors.
There are hydraulic heads with 10mm plunger on IDI engine too, some Themas for exemple or some NA Ducatos.
Are those heads good for  DI pumps building too?

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