Author Topic: NorCal WTB: Blue/Camel [brown] Dash, Pickup Rear Center Slider Window, misc....  (Read 242 times)

December 31, 2022, 01:58:00 am


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I'm starting to search/collect for parts for my pickup project. I also might sell my pickup project or my hatchback.... or both.

  • Whisper Blue or Camel [Brown] Interior (I'm not hard set on color, I might repaint/dye as needed. Got a nice dash/panels in any color? let me know...)
  • Late Westy Dash
  • Seats
  • Carpet
  • Panels
  • etc...

  • Pickup Specific
  • Pickup large single slider rear window.  I really just need the center slider section, not the whole window
  • Pickup tail lights
  • Pickup waffle grill?
  • Bumpers?

  • Other Things
  • 100mm Axles (86-88 Scirocco 16v, 85?-93 Cabriolet)
  • Wind Wings Window (fixed or bolt)
  • Window Regulators (MK2/MK3 power window motors?? I heard they go right on the non power regulator)
  • Any Grill / Pickup waffle grill?
  • Westy in fender turn signals
  • Headlights and buckets
  • Door handles (of course..)

What might you have? If you've got any of the above or stashed mk1 parts over the years...Lets talk.

This is the window style I'm talking about.  I'm open to buying a whole new slider or fixed window...if it came to that.

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