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May 10, 2023, 03:12:15 pm


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« on: May 10, 2023, 03:12:15 pm »
Hello everyone I am grateful to be a new member, all roads VW seem to lead here, I have been looking around and I am learning lots from the great knowledge base here.
I bought a couple AAZ Jetta's and an adapter to do a TD swap into one of my Toyota Pickups. I want to keep things simple and don't need crazy hp. just want something reliable and economical would be nice.
The first thing I have found is VW parts are not as easy to find as 22RE stuff any suggestions where I can source things like gaskets, seals, and maybe pistons, rings and bearings, what's good and what to avoid?
I have already contacted Giles about a performance pump rebuild and injectors but can't find anyone VW machine shop wise in my area (British Columbia)
I would appreciate any help or suggestions offered.

Thanks Steve

94 jetta
95 jetta
85 Toyota Pickup

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Re: Introduction
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Always good to see new members joining us.

I buy a lot of my VW parts from Rock Auto.  Parts Place Inc in Warren, Michigan is on my *** list right now but they "say" they have a lot of them.  Actually, they do but I am pissed at them now and would only give them a one-star rating.

Other places I have purchased from in the past are MK1 Auto and Autohauz in AZ.  I am not sure of the status of those two places but they do have an internet site, word is they are non-responsive at this time or were a bit ago.

Hope that gets you started on your project.  Don't sniff the diesel. 

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Re: Introduction
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Made a purchase from Autohauz online a few months ago, may be something has changed since then?