Author Topic: Rodent Damage - 97 Jetta GL IDI AAZ Manual  (Read 8747 times)

August 17, 2022, 11:00:35 pm


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Rodent Damage - 97 Jetta GL IDI AAZ Manual
« on: August 17, 2022, 11:00:35 pm »
Just picked this up last week. Starts, Runs, and Stops surprisingly well. Paint is in good condition given the age. Few rust bubbles here and there.

It has some rodent damage. Speed Sensor wiring is chewed up, as a result the Speedo does not work nor the odometer.  Tach, Temp and Fuel gauge work. Although the fuel gauge will move when going through turns etc.

Then there's the larger I believe 28 pin round connecter it's referred to. That has a few wires chewed out as well but I'm not sure what all of those are for.

So far I've found out

1- a timing advance solenoid
2- the fuel shutoff solenoid, of course
3- microswitches on both ends of throttle travel that turn the turbo on/off and disengage the A/C under full throttle
4- Oil Pressure Sensor
5- Temp sensor possibly?

The temp gauge seems to operating correctly so I guess I can omit that. I believe it also connects to the oil pressure sensor. I do get the oil pressure light on the dash for 2 seconds after starting but then it goes away.

Don't have timing belt history so will be getting that done next week sometime.

Previous owner said it needed a clutch and battery. For me both the clutch and battery have not caused me any issues over the last week.

List of other issues below.

Airbag light is on.

Radio does not work - lights up green but buttons do not work. Just has a burned in display that does not change.

Cruise does not work - probably related to the speed sensor wiring missing

Front Indicator light stays solid when lights are turned on.  Right side bulb is missing - I'm told this is probably a bad ground.

Rear indicators flash fast - Possibly due to the front right bulb missing.

Washer fluid tank has a leak

Bumper needs to be reattached from right side

Rear left door handle and lock assembly is disassembled

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Re: Rodent Damage - 97 Jetta GL IDI AAZ Manual
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Looks pretty darn good!!

Car must have been sitting for a while since the rodents had a heyday with the wires!

Get the wiring fixed and it will be a sweet car. Probably do the timing belt and water pump since no paper work is available.
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Re: Rodent Damage - 97 Jetta GL IDI AAZ Manual
« Reply #2 on: August 18, 2022, 10:14:27 pm »
Dang rodents!  Best check the A/C intake before you get that rat's nest made out of the cabin filter blowing at you.

Do check the air intakes, they really like to pack the crap in them. 

Sure hope they didn't get inside.  I hate the smell of rat pee! 

I have to deal with it in my job at times and I just hate on it.