Author Topic: ECU error code P0299 trouble shoot  (Read 4007 times)

July 11, 2021, 06:55:21 am


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ECU error code P0299 trouble shoot
« on: July 11, 2021, 06:55:21 am »

I have a error code P0299 low turbo pressure and black smoke from exhaust car in limp mode

Car is Dodge Journey with a VW tdi BWD 2.0l engine with 190,000km


ECU error code P0299 Low boot pressure - limp mode activates but will go away after engine is turned off

Black smoke from exhaust, especially under load like going up hill

When engine its about 2200RPM the engine light will come on and limp mode activated

I think I also have Blow-By as is a slight smoke and air pressure from oil cap

Found a green hose from part of the turbo vacuum system with a screw and cable tie at the end


I recently had a mechanic repair my Dodge Journey as the car had gone into the major limp mode.

It couldn’t rev higher then 1500rpm in gear

Black smoke from exhaust

The car was previously in limp mode and i took to mechanic, he told me it was EGR valve issue and replaced, The car runs better but it didn't fix the problem and I still get a error code and engine light will come on when car revs about 2300rpm under load like going over 100km/h or up a hill.

When you turn the car off and back on he engine light will disappear

I've been checking hoses for leaks and found a light green hose not connected and has been blocked with a screw and cable tie! does anyone know where this should be connected?

Also I understand that the Tdi should have some blow-by coming from oil cap off with slight smoke and air pressure, I checked this but i also have maybe a bit too much pressure coming out with little oil drops escaping? At first I was worried it was worn pistons but after some research apparently its normal

I also can reach the waste gate actuator arm and it feels tight with no movement or play and was going up and down with engine revving.

What could be my next trouble shoot that i should be looking at?

Any ideas ?

Thank you