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May 19, 2019, 01:39:15 pm

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I'm selling my 'Super pump' built by Giles at PDI. It is a Mk2 IDI pump built with a 1.9L cam plate and all Giles' tricks. I was running it on a 1.9L AAZ in N/A configuration (with proper 1.9L "D-port" intake manifold and dual outlet N/A exhaust manifold-- also both for sale) in a Mk2 Jetta. An excellent combination. Plenty of power for modern traffic and simplicity, economy and reliability that can't be beaten.
Sadly, the car rusted out from around the engine, so it's being parted out.

The pump has 8000km (~5000 miles)on it, gently gathered over the last 10 years. Stanadyne lubricity formula was always used with each fill up.
Functions perfectly! Will fit 1.5, 1.6, 1.9L engines with the appropriate bracketry. Mk1 needs a Mk1 pump bracket because it includes the passenger side engine mount. Late AAZ or AHU/ALH being converted to N/A would need to use Mk1 or Mk2 pump bracket. I can include a Mk2 mount if you need at no extra charge.
If put on a 1.6L, you'd probably need to turn the fuel screw out a bit to avoid being overly smokey... or just add nitrous oxide!

Asking $500 Canadian ($375 USD-- about half the price of new)

Located in Toronto Ontario, can deliver for a bit extra up to 1 hr drive in any direction from there, or ship worldwide.

Just for fun, here's a link to what a diesel sounds like in N/A form with a good exhaust system, on my car.

Here's the man himself, Giles of PDI.

more of the pump:


There's the expected weathering on the outside of the pump, but don't let that turn you off. Performance pumps are the heart and soul of diesel power and that goes equally with n/a engines. This pump will provide full fueling a little past 6000RPM. With the proper intake and exhaust, it'll beat an equivalent-year/setup 8v GTI in a drag race or autocross race. (proven)
This pump will provide your N/A engine with a dramatic increase in performance.
Buy with confidence!

I repair, maintain and modify VW's and BMW's.
Good work done at affordable rates. Welding and fabricating, too.
Performance Diesel Injection's Super Pump: gotta have one!


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