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FS: 1993 Passat TD (North Vancouver, BC)
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FS: 1993 Passat TD (1.9 AAZ Turbo Diesel)
Location: Victoria BC
“CL” model, black original paint exterior, grey interior
original owner, purchased new from Capilano VW January 1994
all maintenance records from day 1
build date 06/92, Germany
439,000 kms.
New (rebuilt) engine at 344,772 kms. (J.S. Performance)
5 speed manual transmission
manual crank windows
no cruise control
no air conditioning
no sunroof
no trunk spoiler
no heated seats

70,000 kms. on new (rebuilt) engine installed Sept. 9, 2009 (J.S. Performance)
new TDI style crank nose
clutched alternator pulley
stage 1 performance pump (built by Giles at Performance Diesel in Markham, Ont.)
upgraded two-stage injectors with GTD nozzles

The good:
OEM “Estoril” 15X6 wheels, Michelin Expedia 195/55-15 tires, very good condition
OEM “Estoril” winter wheels, Michelin X-Ice 3 195/55-15, excellent condition (will sell at extra cost of $200)
OEM foglights installed (with HID bulbs) but not wired up yet. Have switches, relays and wiring, just never got around to it.
After market alarm power door locks with alarm.
Heater core replaced Aug. 11, 2011 (378,640 kms.)
New headliner Nov. 6 2015
Trunk mounted 6-CD changer (OEM Clarion unit) available as well - plugs into stock radio.
Only one minor accident - car was stopped at red light, pickup truck slowly backed into it. Cracked the headlight and header, repaired professionally.
Interior is in excellent (really amazing) condition

The bad:
Needs a timing belt change immediately. According to kms, it is due now, but according to time it was due years ago.
Oil in the coolant - probably head gasket.
Thermostat often sticks in open position (coolant temp low)
Water leak in the driver’s footwell area. This just came up a month ago. I have removed the interior completely and dried it out properly, but the leak must be fixed before it sees rain or even a wash.
Clear coat on hood and trunk is starting to peel.
There is some rust starting on the passenger strut tower, you would have to see it to determine if it is serious. Driver’s side is OK.

Asking $1800 CDN

Neil Miskey (604)988-0196 (land line, NO TEXTS PLEASE)

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