Author Topic: Another year another Massachusetts inspection passed  (Read 455 times)

September 17, 2017, 09:45:31 pm


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Another year another Massachusetts inspection passed
« on: September 17, 2017, 09:45:31 pm »
So it was time for my yearly vehicle inspection yesterday. The guy at the inspection station said "Do you think its going to pass?" Of course I knew it would. The tech seemed to be surprised that my E-brake actually worked. He was even more surprised that all of the suspension components were tight. I really dont think this guy was confident that a 33 year old vehicle would sail through the process and have everything work the way it should. I also have come to realize that most people think the age of a car dictates a lack of maintenance where in reality it takes a good deal of work to keep an antique in a daily driver status. Has anyone else had any weird comments from inspection stations?

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Re: Another year another Massachusetts inspection passed
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When folks get around the Rabbit I own they are just confused when I tell them it is a 1981 car.  The reaction is priceless, NO WAY! This thing looks perfect!

And for the most part it is.

I second the work and dedication it takes to keep one of these ancients running the way VW intended them to run.  Designed in an age where the mechanic probably pumped your gas as well. 

Check the oil and tires with that fill up sir?  How about I get that windshield for you today sir? 

Kinder words were hardly ever refused.  Mom loved it.

Now Own 1981 Caddy as the NEW DISTRACTION to all that is around me.  Project Away!