Author Topic: 5 Speed swap details of parts needed  (Read 2245 times)

August 26, 2017, 10:39:24 am


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5 Speed swap details of parts needed
« on: August 26, 2017, 10:39:24 am »
After getting this all hammered out in my truck I figured i would pass along this info.  There’s a lot of confusion out there when looking for info on a 4 to 5 speed O2O trans swap.   With photo bucket crapping the bed there's also a lot of missing picture links out there.  Hopefully this will help explain somethings and tell you exactly what is needed.   

5 speed trans with proper gear ratios
5 Speed Selector lever
5 Speed Selector Ball
5 Speed Bar linkage (Black Endcaps)

1 - Start with the trans..
It should NOT have a wishbone mount popping out from the  rear section.  Later O2O’s had this with the Mk2 platform.  You need to remove it and replace it with PN 171711586A . 

To install this part on a trans that had the mk2 wishbone mount, remove the mount from the trans by taking out the 3 bolts.  Then remove the short bolt on the right side of the trans near the top.  Use that same bolt to attach the new selector.

There’s a similar one from the 4 speed but it looks a mm or 2 shorter on the longer lever side as seen in the 3rd pic below.

2 – The Large ball end selector

3 – Longer 5 Spd Selector Lever

4 – 5 Spd Bar linkage

Some thing’s worth noting…

Yes. You can use the rest of the linkage from your 4 spd; like from the shift knob all the way up to the ball end under the firewall.

The distance the lock our needs to be from the lever box under the car is 20mm iirc.  Tape a 20mm allen key to the box and use it to get yourself near where it should be.

After completing the swap, if 1st is a bit sticky to get to cheat.  The bent bar with the black end caps.  Put it in a vise and squish it a bit to straighten it out.

Rebuild the 5 spd trans while it’s out.  Don’t just trust it good like I did and have a mess to deal with.  Us ARP bolts so self machining won’t ever be an issue.

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Re: 5 Speed swap details of parts needed
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nice!!! goood write up

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Re: 5 Speed swap details of parts needed
« Reply #2 on: March 20, 2018, 12:35:47 pm »
Thanks for the write up! That's significantly less complicated than a Mk4! :)
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