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Author Topic: Syncro mTDI Triple Knob Reimo hightop Van  (Read 553 times)

August 14, 2017, 06:49:29 pm


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Syncro mTDI Triple Knob Reimo hightop Van
« on: August 14, 2017, 06:49:29 pm »

For sale - $49,000

Search Youtube for Full walkthrough video: Syncro 87 m-TDI High Top with Diff Locks For Sale

Hot shower, Check! 25 mpg turbo diesel, Check! High top for stealth camping, Check! Furnace for those cold nights, you got it!

I was building this van as my daily driver and as the ultimate family adventure vehicle. I never thought Iíd sell it but I have to for different reasons. This van was built up for reliability and livability. It can go anywhere with front and rear diff locks and a decoupler. It has a viscus coupler in it still, which is good for snow and ice. Cruise at 70 with zero issues.

This is an 87 VW Syncro Transporter with an 1.9 m-TDI Diesel engine in it (mechanical AHU) with around 75k miles. The van has around 160,000 miles on the chassis. It was originally a 1.6td (turbo diesel) from the factory and the m-TDI was professionally installed by BRU in San Diego. The pump is a Cummins diesel pump tuned by Westy Ventures. You can read a lot of good stuff about this pump on forums. It has an air-to-air intercooler and a new Donaldsonís air filter with the original Syncro snorkel. The van runs AMAZING and has no problem climbing up hills in 4th gear. I wouldnít hesitate to take this van across the country.

This is a European spec Syncro with a bunch of Euro goodies on it like H4 headlights, blinker guards, a laser cut aluminum Syncro bash guard, locked entry to the license plate door and a few other things. Everything works off of one key! I doesnít have power steering, which is better for reliability purposes, and the horn doesnít work. This is an easy fix, Iíve just never cared about the horn. There is very minimal surface rust. I have a bunch of receipts and paperwork for this van. I have the title in hand.

Here are some of the upgrades added to this van:
- Aluminum Syncro Bash plate in the front and back
- Blinker guards
- Oil cooler
- Euro dash with foldout tray
- Rare open VW glove box
- VW Rubber flooring all up front
- Gray Door panels
- Strong window cranks
- LT truck mirrors
- Front heater and fan work perfectly
- Truma Furnace with adjustable thermostat
- Stainless steel coolant lines
- Complete silicone coolant hoses from engine to radiator
- Wing windows stay open even on the freeway
- Sturdy kid cot hammock up front
- Dual USB Blue Sea port
- Old Man Emu Syncro Shock (5 months old)
- GoWesty Zero lift progressive shocks (5 months old)
- BFG AT K02 tires (1.5 years old) in great condition
- New tie rods in the front
- Super comfortable sued upholstered front seats
- passenger seat swivels 360 degrees
- ISSPro Pyrometer and boost gauges in the dash (high quality gauges)
- Seitz window reflective shades and bug screen
- Dometic double pane plastic windows on all but the front windows.
- new polyurethane steering rack bushings and stabilizer bushings
- new polyurethane front and rear diff mounts with new hardware
- thick reflective window coverings all around
- Hot water system designed around a 40 plate heat exchange which exchanges the heat from your coolant through plate and into potable water. Works REALLY well and no leaks.
- Hot showers out the back and at the sink
- Riemo camper buildout
- Riemo insulted dual shell high top with bed
- 2 burner stove
- Square sink
- Swivel table with 2 mounting locations
- 13 gallon underslung fresh water tank
- 13 gallon underslung gray water tank, required for national parks
- 3gpm Sureflow water pump
- 65lt 12 volt truck fridge
- Shoe storage under the fridge
- 155 amp hour battery by V-Max Tanks Deep Cycle. Both front battery compartments are empty and can be filled with 2 more 55 amp hour batteries if desired.
- 35 watt solar with charge controller
- 200 watt solar with 35 amp MPPT charge controller
- Blue Sea fuse box
- Genius AC to DC charger
- Easy to access and fill 3 gallon propane tank
- Storage under the rear bed section
- Pocket door under the bench seat for easy access
- Pocket doors at the cabinets
- Pull our soft close drawers in the kitchen to maximize storage
- Sewfine black carpet
- Factory diesel bell housing original with the van
- Low temperature thermostat recommended by Quality German Autoparts
- 1.9 TDI AHU
- Westy Ventures Cummins Pump
- New slip yoke drive shaft
- All CV boots are in great shape
- Weddle Industries special diesel input shaft
- Air-to-air intercooler
- Donaldson air filter
- Westfalia tow hitch and plug (50mm / 2 inch)

This van is an incredible machine and Iíll probably want to buy it back from you in about 2 years! Iím sure youíll love this van as much as I do. The cabinet design is way more functional than the westy cabinets.