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Author Topic: 2008 GT Sport Tdi Throttle actuator issue  (Read 3191 times)

May 23, 2017, 05:31:22 am


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2008 GT Sport Tdi Throttle actuator issue
« on: May 23, 2017, 05:31:22 am »
I'm hoping someone can offer me some advice I'm getting the EML light come on there is no loss of performance. I believe the engine is the BKD  2.0 140 engine the sticker is worn in boot and on cambelt cover but I believe that is the correct code for the vehicle.

Having scanned the vehicle using Snapon Ultra the code being reported is

12546 (P3102) Motor for intake manifold flap (V157) No signal. 

This is a hard code and will clear but as soon as vehicle is started it's back again.

The vehicle has had a new motor/housing fitted and plug cleaned as had oil contamination

All Fuses have been checked and cooling fans work as I know the fans and motor share the same fuse.

I've looked for a wiring diagram so I can  check continuity of wires for motor but ive been unable to find one

The only thing it does is on tick over runs  lumpy sometimes and shutoff is not smooth so presume the valve is not working as it should.

Any ideas or advice appreciated


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the caveman

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Re: 2008 GT Sport Tdi Throttle actuator issue
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2017, 09:08:35 pm »
It's very possible the position motor or manifold it self are bad. The manifolds do fail. They get carbon in them and jam and or fall apart. The reason why the code clears once the ignition is cycled is because  the needs the ECU to operate it before it sees that it is not working as it should. The easiest test would be to get  a scanner that can perform an output test( don't think the Snap on can but check anyways) for the manifold runner. The scanner will see right away after attempting the output test whether the manifold or motor is working. You can also try to move the lever your self. Sometimes they are bad enough that it will be obvious if the flap is shot. If you have the time, remove it and check it. It is also very possible that there is a wiring problem. VW dealers spend a lot of time replacing wiring ( wire overlay) from ECUs  to individual components. Find the proper wiring diagram and check the voltage and signals as best possible. The solution may be to replace the wires from the manifold to the ECU. If you get the part number from the connector of the intake motor they will be able to find you all the relevant wires for both ends
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Re: 2008 GT Sport Tdi Throttle actuator issue
« Reply #2 on: May 30, 2017, 04:59:19 am »
Thanks for the reply

The flap can be moved very easy by hand and the EML light remains even when cycling the ignition and when  cleared with scanner the fault comes strait back.

We do have VAG com at work and genuine cable but I'm not back till Wednesday so will have a look with that.

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