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October 15, 2013, 12:57:38 pm

air-cooled or diesel

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Some Thing just broke!
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well it finally happened; it was bound to happen. well as it turns out it might as well be nothing, it was only my alt idler pulley(I have a/c). may be 2nd generation pulley, that means I got 10 or more years out of it.(taps plays)no big deal, now if only its as long before something else breaks, like right. sooner or later something will give or i'll pm it before. in  any case I couldn't be happier.
on the mk2 I have I have a real good track record for a/c & alternator belts, if I remember i'll try to look up my personal sizes. each car is different, so what I do can but won't necessarily work for some one else. although a similar set-up will most likely work (belt sizes will be different im assuming by XXX5 ordinarily/or by XX10). then there are some mk'2 that wont work for at all. look at the bright side I got heat and a/c(both with work, so none for free; I think everyone can feel me. we don't have new cars,,so,).

my trick is using NAPA belts-premium. both the a/c and alt belts not being the smallest you can fit. personally I go 1 size larger than the minimum or if a belt is just (barely) too small go 1 size larger. you want the play to be in the middle of the adjustment (to start). the a/c/water pump belt needs to be tighter than alternator(alt) belt. my a/c belt keeps on loosening (a little is all, so no real worries. maybe I didn't clean-up pulley(s) perfectly, maybe I don't have it quite tight enough to start, in any case). alt belt when 1st installed should be rather (NOT TO, but kind of) tight. as it loosens some as long as alt fan as pushed by thumb has some resistance I just leave it (not too loose now). if it loosens 1st make sure all pulleys are clean, then tighten to tight (takes some pressure to turn alt pulley with thumb; by some I mean alt belt is tight /some pressure/. if when it loosens some make sure there is always moderate pressure to turn pulley(by fan). this has worked for me for a few years now. maybe it'll work for you!
I did check my belt sizes. NAPA #'s 25-9365 a/c, 25-7265 alt. this works for me! this may not work exactly for you I described above to have 1 size bigger than the smallest that will fit; give or take some. this means a belt possibly can be just too small to go 1 size bigger. in any case another way to describe it is a/c belt can be smaller the 1/2 of the adjustment(not a lot though), and alt belt can be right near the middle of adjustment. well that's how I run; and she runs goood. some hiccups, like us all. they are not brand new cars, haha.
if nothing else you have plenty of adjustment to keep belts going, and boy I had 1 many moons ago that no belt would work on, I hadn't figured this trick out back then, so good luck if you want to try it!

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air-cooled or diesel

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Re: Some Thing just broke!
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umm 1/4 tank in 300 miles, new tires helped alot