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February 09, 2013, 10:20:59 pm


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show season 2013
« on: February 09, 2013, 10:20:59 pm »
the 2 i know ill attend..

cincy, cincy ohio, june 7-9.. this is for roccos.. real part of show is sat.. lots of beer, kids so on.. some diesel nuts there.. anything not rocco is considered a kia... sat night dinner is donation for some best grub ever.. its a bs abt vw all day.. ill be there sat the 8th.. most info on vwvortex in the rocco gen chat area.. they do cruizes and stuff on fri/sun..

mk1madness.. july 12-14th, cannot arrive before noon on fri... i did bad showing up at 11am last year..

As always you can arrive Friday the 12th but let me post this in bold NOT BEFORE 12 NOON, AGAIN NOT BEFORE 12 NOON

Camping is $20 per person per night.
Spots with electric are $25 per person per night (most of these are taken already by the same people who have been staying in those campsites every year)

Vendors are $15 for used parts and $25 for new parts spots.

Firewood is $5 for 10 pieces. Last year there was very little. I'll see what the pile looks like this year but you're also free to bring some yourselves. If you find logs, wood in the woods you can grab it but DO NOT CUT ANY TREES DOWN

All campers must clear the campsites and clean up by 8pm Sunday night.

Some rules.




Loud music, noise, yelling etc. to be stopped by 11:00pm and not started before 9am There are houses around the campground that people live in and the sound travels very easily to those houses.

The bar, PLEASE respect the bar, it's employees and the locals.

Respect each other, even if they're not Mk1 people. Who cares, this is a fun time and I don't need it ruined by ego trippers.

The field in the back where the show is on Sunday is OFF LIMITS to vehicles until Sunday morning. As far as people going back on foot, no problem. Maybe some wiffle ball or kick ball?

I'll have a ton of trash bags to distribute. If you fill yours up I'll give you more. All trash is to be bagged up before you leave and left along the access roads in the campground. Any fires must be extinguished before you leave. Water is readily available.

I'll add more info to this thread and the facebook event page as well.

I'll post when the payment area is set up on the facebook page.

vwdiesel gtg ??? id say aug 9-11 at the one campground.. need to revive that..

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Re: show season 2013
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2013, 10:27:04 pm »
Maybe Lake Wapason in Big Prairie.

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Re: show season 2013
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cincy 2 weeks.... madness 6 weeks...

how is projects commin??

crazymike?? that bunny goin to make it?

still on fence on jackrabbit... if i had the head from 8v of fury in the next week i may be a sick puppy with runnin jackrabbit at madness.. but no head.. so not looking to have run i guess..


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