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FAQ Quick guide for commonly asked questions

I think you will find most of your answers somewhere in here :)

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Re: READ THIS FIRST - FAQ Quick guide for commonly asked questions
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Time a Vw diesel engine
By Libbydiesel:
Precise cam timing is obviously very important.  The cam is precisely timed when the crank can be rotated through a complete rotation going only clockwise to exactly fall on the correct TDC mark and at that time the cam slot is exactly parallel with the head.  If your method achieves that result then it works correctly.  If there is any deviation from that, then you should adjust your procedure.  If you can achieve that result easily and repeatedly then your procedure not only works, but is good.   Smiley  I'm not sure what you are saying about the crank moving.  It doesn't seem to apply.  A crank lock would not help in getting to the desired result I stated above. 

Here's my procedure for easily setting the cam timing precisely and accurately every time.  I'm sure I've posted it before, but here it is reiterated.

Remove the cam sprocket.
Clean the cam sprocket and the taper on the end of the cam with brake clean. 
Place the crank at TDC.
Place the cam at TDC using the cam lock and install equal feeler gauges on either side so that it is both snug and parallel to the head.
Install the pump lock in the pump sprocket. 
Place the timing belt on the engine correctly around the crank, int shaft, tensioner and pump sprockets. 
Place the cam sprocket into the remaining part of the belt and put it onto the cam taper.
Install the bolt onto the cam sprocket until it is snug but the cam sprocket can still turn easily.
Remove the pump lock.
Rotate the crank counter clockwise a few degrees (maybe 10) and then rotate back to TDC without going past - this step is of utmost importance as it places any belt slack at the tensioner.
Tension the belt using the correct VW tension measuring tool on a 1.6 or the spring loaded tensioner on a 1.9.
Check to be sure the crank has not moved - if it has, then you did not load the slack at the tensioner correctly.
Tighten cam bolt to 25 ft-lbs.
Remove cam lock and feeler gauges.
Hold the cam sprocket by hand (or use a pulley holder if you are weak) and torque to 45 ft-lbs (I know the book says 33 ft-lbs but IMO it is not enough).
Tap the cam bolt with a hammer and recheck the torque. 
Rotate the crank two full rotations back to TDC without going past and double-check the cam timing with the bar and feelers

Injection Pump Timing Ala Vince and everything.