Author Topic: FS: upgraded A1 shift rod bushings.  (Read 3975 times)

May 07, 2004, 01:57:40 pm


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FS: upgraded A1 shift rod bushings.
« on: May 07, 2004, 01:57:40 pm »
Hey guys - want to know about an A1 shift linkage part, not available anywhere else, that is really helpful in reducing play and friction in the shift linkage?

For sale are delrin shift rod bushings.  They install in the stock shift rod bracket pictured here:

The stock flexible plastic bushing, riveted inside the metal assembly, is not solid, but a squishy plastic shell, that I've found allows too much side to side play of the shift rod (end up being side to side play at the shift knob), and even with good grease on it, will put an undue amount of friction on the rod as it slides through (makes the knob have more friction moving forward and backwards.)  The delrin shift bushing upgrade reduces both side to side play and front to back friction!

Installation isn't a complete breeze, but if you guys can install an intercooler, you are capable of doing it, and it's well worth it.  What you do to install it is remove the stock bracket/bushing assembly from the shift linkage (it's held onto the body by 2 13mm nuts), drill out the 2 rivets holding the bracket housing pieces together, remove the stock bushing and replace it with the delrin bushing.  When I installed my delrin bushing in between the housing halves, since the delrin won't deform like the stock bushing and it was sized a little larger, I had to kiss one outer edge of the bushing a bit on a belt sander to make them fit more deeply into the bracket housing pieces, but this allows you to get it to fit perfectly - no play.  Before riveting or bolting the housing halves back together with the bushing inside, grease the inside and outside of the bushing with something nice and slippery (I used moly CV joint grease).  Then you can replace the rivets (I used 3/16" pop rivets in mine) or you can probably bolt the housing back together with 2 small bolts/nuts too.

I just installed this bushing in my Rabbit, and was so pleased with it, I am ordering another for Dad's Rabbit, one for my friend who races an EP Jetta (who I know needs this badly), and also I wanted to let you guys in on it!

Edit: I'm currently sold out of these, but let me know if you want them.

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