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Re: Post-Secondary Edumacation
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I worked for Dave Gian, and with Jason Lambert, Knut ???, Gabe Proctor, Craig Jasin, Russ ??? (mechanic), Dave LeCronier, Tom Houle, Brian Purdy, Carl Block, Tom Cells, the infamous Tom Jackson any of the techs at brown road facility and a few other people.

now that I am at L-3 CPS Brandon Danks used to work at FEV as well whom I now work with.

any of these names ring a bell? which department were you in and when did you work there?

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Re: Post-Secondary Edumacation
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Hi everyone, sorry for committing the faux pas of reviving a very old thread - there's just so much history here. Just wondering if any of the original old-timer posters in this thread are still around and what's going on with them all.

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Re: Post-Secondary Edumacation
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Well since you asked... I'm a level 2 truck and coach apprentice at the moment. Living in North Bay and working in Kitchener area.

I'll add a few more details. After working with Giles I worked for myself doing handman repairs. Then I got involved (volunteering) with a Christian ministry that did a lot of work in Israel. That lead to another volunteer position with a different ministry in the filming/editing department. Through that, I became good friends with a fellow who would later become my brother in law. I married an American and the whole Green Card process was dragging on so we switched gears and my wife is now a Permanent Resident in Canada. Volunteering wasn't paying the bills with 1 kiddo and 1 on the way so I applied for a job as an apprentice at Mack dealership. I wasn't expecting to get hired since I knew almost nothing about trucks but they gave me a chance. Turns out it's a pretty in demand field. It also turns out that I chose an excellent company to work for an have been with them for 3 years. I moved 4.5 hours away from the shop but still commute down there to work. Kind of crazy but it my schedule gives me a lot of free time for side work and time with my family.

Here's a couple videos I was involved with.
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