Author Topic: deleted A/C and other things....  (Read 1296 times)

June 28, 2008, 01:04:01 pm


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deleted A/C and other things....
« on: June 28, 2008, 01:04:01 pm »
Okay.. so I decided I'd do a little bit of work on my TD jetta and remove the AC the PROPER way (I removed the AC condenser and lines last year)

I had the lower bracket, and alternator and I really wanted to get rid of the crazy idler and bracket 3 belt system.. (what a joke, and a pain, and.... omfg..... just... dumb...)

so away I went, and I noticed the bracket for non-ac and the bracket for AC were nearly identical, so I decided I'd leave it alone and just work with it.

so I put on the lower non-ac adjustment arm, and I guess the "bend" in the arm and the a/c style bracket isn't quite the same.... the non-ac arm on the ac bracket interferes with the "nub" on the alternator

SO... to relieve this, I used a mk1 8v style alternator adjustment arm. (has a shallower "bend")

after doing so, everything seemed to line up.....


The altnernator I had, it's pulley offset wasn't quite correct.... but it DID/DOES work.. so I thought I'd rock it anyways :D

so I managed to remove about 80 lbs of compressor, bracketry and useless friggin bolts....

aside from that, I had a K&N filter that was GIVEN to me, so I thought.. I might as well put it on...

I needed to find a 2.5" "sleeve" to put inbetween the air intake and the filter itself.

and... well..

holy crap the stock filterbox really cuts down the turbospool noise...... I LOVE it now :D
I mean, I kinda knew it was going to get louder, but jeez... it's AWESOME now :D
... now I gotta de-muffler the thing :D