Author Topic: M-tdi hangs in high RPM's, newbie, help please...  (Read 29018 times)

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M-tdi hangs in high RPM's, newbie, help please...
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I have the ducato pump in my m-tdi and it works great.  The only thing that really needs to be done is modify the governor spring..which on the ducato is a simple single spring that get's extended rather than compressed.   The complete engine is for sale...$2500 ALH in a MK2 jetta.  It's still in the car and can be driven prior to purchase.   need $$ to finish my house

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M-tdi hangs in high RPM's, newbie, help please...
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I gave Sander (Vento G60) a extra spring for in his Iveco Daily pump and the engine is already running better.
Sander wants to tune up the spring a little bit more to finish it up. But first his transformation to 02A tranny.

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Re: M-tdi hangs in high RPM's, newbie, help please...
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I can't understand very well. Sorry.

Ford Transit 2.5DI pump have the best control lever that I never found.

I know the material of this lever is very hard, but I have a hard drill set and I am able to bore them to modify them.

What is the number of the control lever on the spare parts pump diagram?
68 or 95?
The number 68 is called "part load governor" and the number 95 "fulcrum lever".

Transit 2.5DI pump:   0 460 414 052  Basically It's a N/A pump with RPM fueling compasator, It's a weird pump, but If you put a LDA of other pump on it, like 1.6/1.9TD, that will give a nice M-TDI pump.

Is that the best pump or the other Transit pumps are the same?
For that pump the part load governor spare part number is 1 463 161 835, for the fulcrum lever is   1 461 907 810.
I found the fulcrum lever and it costs 200 U.K. pounds.

Or, check this, It's a ducato 2.5TDI pump, direct fit without modification or adjustment, this pump have the same came plate than the TDI VW.

It's expensive but that will give a lot of power:

Does somebody know the pump number?
Thank you all.