Author Topic: MK2 Swapping MPH speedometer into KM/H cluster  (Read 5151 times)

November 27, 2007, 10:04:00 pm


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MK2 Swapping MPH speedometer into KM/H cluster
« on: November 27, 2007, 10:04:00 pm »
This is a very easy swap to preform and should only take 30-60 minutes excluding removal and installation from the car.

This is a CE1 cluster. A CE2 cluster is basically the exact same

please note that the gauge cluster lights have been poorly rewired on this cluster. You shouldn't have the loose wires you see in the pictures

Step 1:
     Remove the 6 screws that hold the cluster together. Note that my cluster also has 2 bolts. I'm sure if this is stock or not. There should be 8 screws holding it together though

Step 2:
     Gently pry the clips up that hold the connectors to the base

Step 3:
     Separate the 2 halves. Basically flip it over and it will fall apart. There should not be any lose pieces although sometimes the LED blanks fall out

Step 4:
     Remove this screw

Step 5:
     Carefully pry out the connection. You need to be super careful not to put your prying tool through the blue circuit board. It does not require much force to get this piece out

Step 6:
     The speedometer is now out. Repeat these steps on your other cluster and match up the parts you want to use and put it all back together

I don't know if the circuit boards are different between tach and non tach units. You can completely remove the blue circuit board by removing the 6 or so bolts that hold on the various gauges (fuel level, temp etc)