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mTDI Mechanical TDI Conversions / Re: M-TDI ALH into a MK2 swap
« Last post by fatmobile on May 09, 2021, 12:11:19 am »
 It's running great.
 First refill at 1/4 tank and it got 46 MPG.
 That's with some beating on it,
lots of in town driving
and chasing down an air in the fuel problem that required lots of idling.

 I used a 12mm pump from Andrew so it's a little clackity.
Some white smoke when taking off so I might advance the timing.
mTDI Mechanical TDI Conversions / fuel injection pumps
« Last post by MRTANGOMAN on May 08, 2021, 02:33:01 pm »
hi i have a few injection pumps that i could do with knowing about .
could anyone please help with what they are off and the head size please ??





i have a friend that has a mk3 golf  AHU engine , that he drag races . has had enough of trying to map the chips in that ecu so he's going M-tdi
MK2 Golf/Jetta and Audi 5k / Re: Bent shifter rod (the long one)
« Last post by mstephenson on May 08, 2021, 12:30:53 pm »
my question also pertains to Westy vs. German. Are the A2 frames identical? Hence, identical parts placement/alignment. The components are more robust on the German vehicles than on the American made ones.

MK2 Golf/Jetta and Audi 5k / Bent shifter rod (the long one)
« Last post by mstephenson on May 07, 2021, 12:16:40 pm »
MK2 golf 5-sp.

This car substituted zip ties as bushings where the two orange bushings are supposed to go (exiting the shift box and just at the fire wall).

Can someone tell me if this long rod is supposed to be straight or bent? I have two and they are both bent in some form or fashion with no similarities.

General / Re: What did you do to your car today?
« Last post by ORCoaster on May 03, 2021, 10:34:14 pm »
Over the weekend I decided to set the timing on the IP to 105 mm and while I was at it I replaced one of the little hoses that was leaking where it went into the IP.  I was hoping for better mileage now that I am not running two 155 and two 130 bar injectors in the block.  PO did me no favors there. 

I had my truck up on a lift last week trying to replace the throw-out bearing but didn't have my small screwdriver set with me and couldn't get the C-clips off the shaft and make it all come apart.  I put a new fill of 90W in the axle and it seems to have made it quiet down a lot. 

I worked in the driveway where the slope has the rear of the truck lower than the nose.  I went to park it in the street where the slope is reversed and I barely got the truck in the spot and it stalled out.  Then I couldn't get it started again.  I attacked it the next day and what did I find?

I ran it out of fuel!  Haven't done something like that in at least 10 years now.  Time to use up the fuel and drop the tank I think.  I should have tried to drain the five gallons I put in that I had handy in the shed but I needed the truck running for work this week.  Now that I know that at 300 or so miles I am getting light on fuel I will just drop it then.  Which will probably be July the way I rack up the miles every month. 

I have a jig set up for my Smithy mill/lathe, $50 to machine the bracket, should you or anyone else need it done.
IDI Engine / Re: Golf II GTD with 1.9 AAZ engine --- EVO II
« Last post by Alleslowbuged on April 29, 2021, 06:11:58 pm »

not so muchs news here.

The red golf (TD) is still sitting with the cracked block and waiting for my attention.
The black golf (TDI) is regularly used to drive to 5min around the shop and also waits for usage.

In additon i have bought a white golf (TDI also AFN), which i have driven for a year as daily driver. One and a half year ago it makes some strange noises and as i did not have time to work on it, i bring it to the official car repir shop from a friend, so that it will not end as the other two. Now 1,5 years later i take it home in parts, because he refuses to get it together. In the end, the only option is to do it yourself.

So currently i work out out to put it all together, which is a bit more difficult as i am used to, as i am a) not an expert for DI engines and b) i did not disassemble the engine.

But at least for now i am think it will work out.

Best Regards
Parts for Sale/Wanted / Re: Wtb injector shims
« Last post by mitch_04 on April 27, 2021, 12:48:10 pm »
Thanks for all the help. The injectors are stamped 130 bar. I had previously emailed Giles about shims and I'm going to just send them up to have him shim them for me. I like doing stuff myself but I just need to speed this process up a bit so I can enjoy the car.
MK2 Golf/Jetta and Audi 5k / Re: Snapped Camshaft
« Last post by rabbitman on April 26, 2021, 04:34:32 pm »
Always turn the crankshaft two turns after putting a timing belt back on.
Parts for Sale/Wanted / Re: Wtb injector shims
« Last post by ORCoaster on April 26, 2021, 01:52:10 pm »
Yes on the injector bodies themselves there is a stamped number with bar clearly written after it.  You may need to clean the bodies of rust and oil to see them.  But they are there.
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