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Passat B5.5 TDi Module Swaps


Ryan and forum community,

Thank you very much for the effort, forum and disemmination of your valued experience.

Late to the party, I'm working between a couple of '04 & '05 Passat TDi PD BHW's.  Need some flexibility to perform system (primarily ECU and TCU) testing; absent a bench-test rig to emmulate a vehicle, I will designate a well-experienced B5.5 as a mule. Swapping modules will provide a baseline between stock, ECU tunes and SWAPS (B5.5 AT-->MT, Petrol B5-5.5 FWD-->TDi, Petrol AWD C5-->TDi AWD C5).

Need to know what steps are needed to swap B5.5 TDi modules with like target vehicles (B5.5); do clusters, ECU's, TCU's, CCM's need to learn the presence of each other?
Is it necessary to register the VIN in each of these boxes?
Are there steps unique to swapping specific modules:  an ECU<-->ECU, TCU<-->TCU and cluster<-->cluster?
Programming new keys, reprogramming existing keys?
Can VAGTacho reprogram existing keys? (Have read conflicting accounts that pristine transponders are rquired.)

What is the best resource(s) written or streamed/video for these procedures?

Thanks in advance.



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