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Hi, new member here..
I have been chasing a glow plug issue.  When I first turn the key on, the glow plug light comes on then goes out about .5-1 second later.  The engine is a little hard to start, but not hateful.
If I plugged the CTS and the light stayed on for about 20 sec, so I replaced the CTS.  No change.
I have no codes, so I'm not really sure where to go from here..  any ideas?


Even when it is -15f my alh light doesn't stay on for more than 10 seconds. If it is warmer, now in the 90f range, it does not stay on for 1 second. I think what you are describing is fine. Also, once the engine is warm no matter how cold outside, the light goes out very quickly.

I understand that the glowplug circuit is not needed once engine is warm.  Not to sound snotty, but having owned multiple Dodge Cummins trucks, so I'm well versed in that aspect.
However, i am definitely new to the VW side of glowplug operation.  Even with coolant temps (first start) in the 60*F range, Id expect the glowplug circuit to activate, at least for more than a second or two..

But then again, that's why i am here :)

Nope, the light doesn't even mean the glowplugs are on, it is just a timer. Anything above 50f for sure I have never seen the light on for more than 2 seconds if that. These vw's are much better built than what you are used to.

Better built?  :)  that's opinionated. The two are not comparable beyond the fuel they use.
i appreciate your help and input on this matter, however.  I'll continue to monitor the glowplug circuit as this past winter, it was all but functional.  Test results pointed to the CTS and ive since replaced it. So i guess we'll see.
Thanks again, fine sir! 


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