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Anti lock braking system light


Hi,  My ABS light and EPS light came on about 2 weeks ago.  I did not go to my dealer (He is an hour's drive away and I was busy with my MIL in the hspital for opem heart surgery)

Today I had spinal surgery.  But, before I did my husband and I took the car to a local mechanic that Montieth Tire reccommended.  Before that I went in and asked the mechanic if they had a diagnostic for my VW 2005 Golf MK4.  He answered, yes.

While I was in surgery the mechanic called and left a message on my husband's phone that the code indicated there was an electrical problem - but unspecified and that they would just start replacing things until they found the problem.  This seems shady to me.

BTW I had my brake fluid replaced, at the dealer, about 2 months ago.

Do you think that they have a legit code reader for a VW?
Shouldn't a decent mechanic be able to do some electrical testing instead of parts replacing?
Any thoughts on what this could be?

I thnk I am going to have my husband call them and tell them to cease work on the car.

Cool stuff man Will the navi let you watch while the car is in motion?


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