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MKIV Speaker wire color id

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Just an FYI for those out there. My car*your car could be different* with no monsoon just the regular old stereo had the woofer/tweeter combo in the door.  The tweeter was just ran off the woofer so I combined the wires.

Red with green stripe = power + from head unit

Green with brown stripe= power - from head unit

White= tweeter positive

Black= tweeter negative

If you are not hooking up factory speakers and you have to splice the RED wire and the Green with the brown stripe have the power. If you want to run the tweeter factory wiring you have to splice the 2 positives together and the 2 negatives together.

That is all.

745 turbogreasel:
I'll add a caution that around '02  the stereo harness was changed, so if installing an aftermarket head unit with  an adapter cable, you may have to clip the black wire to restore  OBD  functionality( there should be and early and late adapter cable, but usually isn't).

What is OBD? I have an 01 but my door locks quit working with the key fob, might have to try that

745 turbogreasel:
On Board Diagnostics, ie. scan tool will not communicate, dealer might replace ECU.
I don't remember   fob action being impaired,  but it was awhile ago I ran into that.  Google  and find the specifics.

can anybody tel me what each colour wire is in the door speakers

i dont really want the cones going the wrong way




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