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Parts for Sale/Wanted / Re: 1.6TD Shortblock - $350+shipping
« Last post by libbydiesel on September 21, 2018, 07:31:43 pm »
If your current engine is a 1.6 with solid lifters and 12mm head bolts, your head will bolt on.  This block has the piston cooling oil jets so it is able to better handle increased fueling than a non-turbo block. 
Parts for Sale/Wanted / Re: 1.6TD Shortblock - $350+shipping
« Last post by slow and ratty on September 21, 2018, 04:05:53 pm »
Hey.  I have a 1.6 NA motor that I am planning on doing a eco-diesel type conversion to.  I am gathering up parts and was looking for an AAZ K03 turbo and saw this ad.  I think I know you from the Samba.  Would my head bolt right to this?  iIt would be testing my abilities but hey.  That would let me also increase fueling right?  Thanks
mTDI Mechanical TDI Conversions / Re: not impressed with mtdi in mk2 golf
« Last post by Ibuprofen on September 21, 2018, 03:16:11 pm »
To answer my own question you can rotate the pump with the injection lines off and if the pump is pushing fuel you will see a little bubble at the delivery valve each injection event. My pump was not 180 out but I'll start a different thread to address my lumpy vanagon.
mTDI Mechanical TDI Conversions / Re: not impressed with mtdi in mk2 golf
« Last post by Ibuprofen on September 21, 2018, 01:34:45 pm »

In your response you do not say anything about making sure the shaft keyway was pointing at the #1 delivery valve when setting the plunger lift so I want to make sure you really get what I'm saying.  You can get the same plunger lift reading 4 times per pump shaft revolution - once for each injector.  The rover hub/pin is set for VW's #4 injector.  In order to correctly time the VW, though, you need to set it for the #1 injector.  This means that the VW hub needs to be installed rotated so the slot is 180 from where the slot was in the Rover hub.

Does the ALH hub have only one keyway slot? I didn't ask my pump rebuilder to make any changes in this regard and my pump was installed with the ALH hub timing slot in the vicinity of the #1 injector on the VW engine. My van is gutless at highway speeds and it sounds like I need to rotate the hub 180. Is there a way for folks to know which delivery valve the pump is at without special tools or opening the pump? Thanks
Wow, you are great! I am happy timing is OK. I set pump on bench so maybe when belt was putting up it decrease a little bit from 1,54mm.

And you hear good with ticking like hydraulic lifter but they are almost brand new (maybe 15K Km). I fighted with this sound a lot but dont find what it is doing. Oil pressure is at iddle 1.5bar so good enough. I Give up about this, maybe engine is worn out because engine is from Golf Mk3 old taxi with 600K km. :) I bought it very cheap and it started excelent cold/warm. I told myself "it sound like hydraulic lifter so easy to change" but changing them didn't help. :(

And also alternator bearing is bad, hopefully i will fix it as soon as possible because while glowplugs are ON alternator is squeaking a little bit (like a bird) so for now i have taken out glow plug Relay-60. :)

As far as timing it sounds fairly reasonable.  I don't hear a lot of diesel clatter.

It could just be the recording vs. being there in real life, but I feel like I hear too much tick and hiss.  Almost like a combination of a soft lifter and an intake or vac pump leak or something rubbing or a bad bearing in the alt/water pump.   
IDI Engine / Intake manifold for AAZ with new turbo
« Last post by Bigmick77380 on September 20, 2018, 05:23:57 pm »
Hi everyone !

I have a quick question, what is the best intake manifold between 1y and PD130 for an AAZ with an Hx27w and WAIC (for ultra short piping) ? i have both 1y and PD130 intake manifold in my workshop so... All the piping will be in 2.5" (63mm).

I also plan to do a port job on the head, ARP stud, 10mm pump head and 175bar dual stage injector (from PSA engine).

Also any idea of the power/torque output with this build ?

Also plan to mount 02J gearbox from an ASV.

But what ever, what is the best intake manifold for my build ? ;D
Sorry about long silence about me, here i am with video of engine sound. Hope its good enough example to hear it. I am little bit sad i cut video too early, after reviving like on video are idle RPM higher for a few seconds. Engine was warm.

Its daily car so i am sorry for enthusiast.
TDI - VE Pump TDI Engines / Re: Importance of the timing belt roller 028 109 244?
« Last post by Ibuprofen on September 20, 2018, 01:51:15 pm »
I agree I'm sure it is there for good reason and I only posted after I found at least one example online of someone running their AHU as such. I just fired everything up and things ran alright. I don't want to run it like this for an extended period but it would be nice to get my Vanagon from Portland to Seattle where I can continue working on it and get the correct AHU bracket modified and installed. It would be a huge shame if I put a [bigger] hole in my wallet.

Thanks much. I'll be sure to post if I grenade it.
TDI - VE Pump TDI Engines / Re: Importance of the timing belt roller 028 109 244?
« Last post by libbydiesel on September 20, 2018, 12:48:10 pm »
I would mention that I am sure that the VW engineers didn't change the pump bracket casting and add the extra roller whimsically.  The load on the belt without the added roller must have exceeded what they considered safe for the TDI pumps/engines. 
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