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Parts for Sale/Wanted / WTB: MK2 EcoDiesel Intake Snorkel
« on: January 18, 2015, 03:16:21 pm »
Looking for a MK2 EcoDiesel snorkel for my '91 Jetta.  I'm currently running a tweaked MK1 snorkel setup, but I would prefer the correct piece.

Let me know what you got :)

Buyer/Seller Feedback / Great Seller
« on: December 28, 2014, 12:39:30 pm »
I bought a used kkk14 from burn_your_money.  The part was exactly as described,


Parts for Sale/Wanted / WTB: TD Intake Elbow & Charge Hose
« on: July 13, 2014, 02:40:11 pm »
I can't source this part anywhere, so I thought I might try here.
I am looking for the aluminum intake elbow from a factory 1.6TD that bolts to the intake manifold.  I need the one that points to the passenger side.  I would also like to find the rubber charge hose connecting the above mentioned elbow to the turbo.

Let me know what you got, I have cash in hand/Paypal ready.


I found a 1.6TD complete engine, but the PO fashioned a homemade elbow/charge hose made of plumbing fittings.  I would much rather go with factory parts.

IDI Engine / '91 Jetta 1.6D Not Building Coolant Pressure
« on: June 01, 2014, 12:59:00 pm »
Hey guys, I have owned a few VW diesels over the years, but this one has me stumped.

My cooling system NEVER builds pressure and especially on warm days in SoCal, once the car is parked/not running, a lot of the coolant will boil up and out of the coolant overfill.
I have replaced the cap twice, thinking the 1st one was defective.  Then I bought a new coolant reservoir bottle thinking mine was cracked and bleeding off pressure.
I see no signs of coolant seeping from the radiator, hoses or heater core (heater core was replaced a couple months ago).
Now, as long as the engine is running (coolant circulating), it never overheats/boils over.

That in the world is causing the no pressure situation?  If anything, the problem is usually too much pressure when a HG goes south.

Any input is welcome.  Now that it's getting warmer, my car loses a good bit of coolant once parked almost daily.

Parts for Sale/Wanted / 1984 Rabbit Diesel L and 1981 Caddy Diesel Shell
« on: February 10, 2014, 04:14:32 pm »
Up for sale are both of my Dubya Diesels.  My family is growing by +1 and the Rabbit is no longer practical.  The Caddy shell was a project of mine that I realize will just sit in the garage indefinitely.

The Rabbit:
1984 Diesel L, 1.6 N/A diesel and all original.  No fluid leaks and everything works as it should.
I bought it in July '13 and have replaced the ORIGINAL shocks/struts with the cheapie coilover set, replaced the water pump, thermostat, all O-rings (t-stat housing and thermo), all oil seals minus the rear main (doesn't leak), timing belt and front wheel bearings.  New complete shift linkage and bushing set and new 2 notch head gasket (12mm).
The IP is nice and dry, no leaks whatsoever.
It is a factory non A/C car, 5 speed (7A code on bell housing).
Tinted the windows Dec. '13.[/img][/img]

Caddy Shell:
1981 completely rust-free shell, 0% rust.  There is no engine or transmission.  It has no interior as it was all sun-rotted from sitting in a field in SoCal for a LONG time.  I bought the truck complete and stripped it down to a rolling shell with plans to restore it.
I also removed the wiring harness and HVAC system as field rats ate/destroyed all engine bay wiring, as well as figured out a way to make a nest inside the HVAC housing where the heater core and evap. coil are.
The bed is 100% straight, no waves or dents anywhere and comes with a camper shell.
The title is clean and clear (not salvaged) and has been in non-operational status since I have owned it.
The truck is a rolling shell, complete with steering column, rack and complete suspension.

I would like to get $4500 for the Rabbit OBO.
I am asking $900 OBO for the Caddy.

I am downsizing to a smaller home so I am motivated to sell.  Any reasonable offers will be accepted.

I will also entertain trades, though I am ONLY looking for a 4 door VW Diesel or wagon to accommodate the family better.

If someone wants both for some reason, I'll take $5000 for the pair.

I am located in Southern California, please PM with any questions, but I prefer email:  [email protected].

Here are links to my local Craigslist ads:


Parts for Sale/Wanted / 1981 VW Pickup Turbo Diesel Project FS
« on: April 02, 2009, 12:23:34 am »
Ok, here we go.

I accepted a job offer in Bellevue, Washington so some vehicles have to go in oder to make the move.

Here's what I got:

1981 VW Pickup Diesel

The truck sat for over 8 years until I bought it and decided to restore it.  It has been a SoCal truck all it's life I imagine because there is absolutely no rust anywhere except some very minor surface rust on the passenger side fender.

When I got it home I completely gutted it down to the shell and wiring harness, as it was unmolested and in very good shape.  I had to start from scratch because of all the rotten rubber pieces, down to the rotten brake line hoses from sitting outside for over 8 years.

On to the pics.
Here is what it looked like the day I brought it home:

And here are a few of the teardown pics:

And a few going back together with the upgrades:
Dynamat Installed:

New black carpet:

Completed black dash and carpet:

Interior completed except for the niceer seats it has now:

New door panels w/Dynamat behind them:

Completed interior as of today (still needs different steering wheel):

Here are the exterior pics the way it sits as of today:

Engine Bay Pics:

Here are the details of my build:

To summarize before I get into the long list, EVERYTHING  was replaced with new (not used) parts, and the truck has 3100 miles that I put on it after the restoration.

New complete rubber window/door seal kit for a Caddy from MK1 Autohaus

New windshield

Newer black dash and kneebar out of a '89 Cabriolet

Dynamat installed throughout the cab, including ceiling, bulkhead and behind the door panels

Also reused factory padding on top of the Dynamat

New black carpet

I was planning on painting it white, so while the truck was still a shell,

I painted all the jambs and window sealing channels white so as not to show yellow if they were ever removed

Changed from vented wind wings to non-vented

New black door panels w/tweed inserts

New black sat belts and latches

Cabriolet arm rests

MK1 Jetta Wolfsberg seats (black w/gray inserts)
Black MK1 Jetta speaker housings/map pockets (not installed but will go w/the truck)

Correct diesel instrument cluster for dash w/o tach
99% of all lighting was changed to LED in the interior and exterior, except for the light for the heater/AC controls

Completely disassembled both doors and rebuilt them using correct regulators and hardware

Completely rebuilt AC/heater box under dash, replaced heater core and evaporator coil and used newer vacuum servos from '89 Cabriolet

1.6 turbo diesel engine w/Giles performance injection pump and Garrett T3 turbo

1.6 TD injector nozzles

5 speed deisel trans FF code

New Bosch fast glow plugs w/relay

Techtonics Tuning 2.25" Downpipe

All new engine and transmission seals

New shift linkage w/new bushings

New hoses

New water pump

New motor mounts

New drive axles

Rebuilt A/C compressor

New wheel bearings

New stainless steel brake lines

New Calipers

New control arms

New brake pads

New KYB struts

Weitech 2" drop springs

New upper strut mounts w/bearings

New rear 200mm drums

New drum brake spring/hardware kit

New inner/outer wheel bearings

New wheel seals

New rear shoes

2.5" drop plates for rear axle

New fuel hoses from tank to IP

New tires

Camper shell

New rack and pinion

New inner and outer tie rods

New polyurethane steering rack, control arm bushings and bump stops for the struts

New Neuspeed lower brace that bolts to the LCA bolts

New battery

New projector headlights (H4)

New front marker lenses

Hella Grille working/uncracked fog lights

GTI front valance w/inner fender wells, and wheel well extensions from a factory GTI Rabbit, all mounted correctly

New Flag Mirrors from MK1 Autohaus

New taillights w/LED bulbs throughout entire truck, including dome light

Very nice spare tailgate
This truck drives brand new, as well it should given the parts and money invested.  All parts I removed from the truck that were worth saving will go with it, i.e., factory coil springs, headliner cardboard and extra parts I acquired for the build, etc..

All this truck needs is a small dent repaired on the driver side bed near the taillight housing and other dings from being on the road for 28 years and it's a very nice FINISHED restored pickup.

The turbo diesel runs fantastic, and has only used a half quart of oil in 3100 miles.  It gets 39-41 MPG consistently, and has a little more pep w/o the shell on it.

I am only entertaining serious offers, so please, no trades.  A lot of folks on here have a pretty good idea about what I spent on it to bring it back to life and I would appreciate not being lowballed.

I can provide receipts for EVERYTHING installed that is listed above.

Someone please make a good home for this :)

I would like to get $7200 OBO.

I apologize for the lenghty post.

Edit:  I forgot to mention all switches in dash were repaced with new, including a new Autometer mecanical boost gauge and new turn and wiper stalks, ignition switch and relays.

IDI Engine / Electrical Gremlin
« on: March 09, 2009, 08:11:43 pm »
I just recently put my MK1 Caddy 1.6 turbo diesel project on the road.  Every now and then, mostly when driving at night, everything will go dead.  Instrument cluster lights, headlights, even kills the power to the IP solenoid.  Then, before I make it to a complete stop on the shoulder, if the key is still on, it will pick up and run again with all the lights back on.

It seems to only happen when the cooling fan comes on, but is it supposed to turn on at freeway speeds?

I have not found any fusible links in the Bentley manual, and all grounds seem to be in good working order.  Should I remove all grounds anyway and clean them again?

Off subject, there is a sensor that goes on the radiator support with 2 wires going to it.  Is this a wind speed sensor that is supposed to kill fan power at freeway speeds?  I recently found it in my box of "extra" parts and realized I forgot to install it.

Thanks for any help.....other than this little glitch, the little truck runs fantastic!


IDI Engine / Giles Pump
« on: February 23, 2009, 10:58:59 pm »
I had a IP leak on my Caddy project so I decided to order a "tweaked" one from Giles at Performance Diesel, and WOW what a great improvement!  The engine has not run this smooth before at all.

Very happy and very satisfied!  A big thanks to Giles for dialing it in specifically for my project :)

General / The Caddy Project - Lots-0-Pics
« on: January 14, 2009, 07:46:03 pm »
I bought this truck in July '08 for just under $300.  Had no trans but the rest was still there, albeit rotten.  The guy didn't have the keys for it but at least he had the title.  Got it towed home and quickly realized ALL the rubber had rotted away for sitting outside this guy's house for over 8 years, so a somewhat of a "restoration" was in order.

Below are some pics I have taken during the teardown and rebuild.  They could be more pics but gotired of taking pics of it after every step, but you'll get the idea :)  As you will see it's still a work in progress and am still searching for those hard to find parts, but I think it has come a long way.  Enjoy!

What it looked like when it came home:

My cat checking out the new addition to the back yard:

Must have been either an auto? or the clutch blew up!

MINT Interior:

At least it came with a brand new 200mm clutch:

Don't know if this was accurate but judging by the condition I would agree w/the odometer:

Teardown  pics wil be up in a bit :)

General / GP Question
« on: January 13, 2009, 11:10:01 pm »
I have been working on a '81 Caddy TD project and I bought some fast glow bosh gp's along with a fast glow relay.  I noticed on cold starts, I still have 12v to the buss fuse on the firewall for a couple mins then it will finally shut off.  I have been reading posts where the newer TDI's will have this feature but mine is a 1.6.  Is it possible that I may have a gp relay for a TDI?  Should the gp's stay on a couple mins after cold start?  Thanks in advance for any opinions.

Parts for Sale/Wanted / WTB: TD Inlet Tube
« on: December 25, 2008, 02:24:47 am »
I am in need of the intake tube the goes from the airbox to the turbo inlet for a MK1/MKII jetta.  Let me know what you got.  Thanks!

General / Aluminum Fuel Tank Repair
« on: December 02, 2008, 11:49:49 am »
I found a 26+ aluminum fuel tank to put into my Caddy Diesel and after putting about 5 gallons of diesel in it I found out it leaks.  Any remedy to fixing it besides pulling it back out and having it welded?  I was hoping I could get away with some sort of epoxy mix but am open to ideas.  Thanks!

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