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General / I have drank the Kool-aid...
« on: October 04, 2015, 12:06:01 pm »
Hi Folks,

I have (gasp!) taken a swig of the TDI flask  ;D...my old MK II TD requires a lift. Up onto blocks, actually. There's an IDI engine with 180k waiting for her...which required me to grab up another ride. It's a 2012 Passat TDI with the toys, 6 spd manual. etc.
It's slightly quieter than my 90 Jetta LOL....
And here's where I need some info:
Already saving up for the Ross-tech; but is there any wisdom that can be shared with me on this one?


MK6 Golf/Jetta, Beetle, Sportwagen / Looking for your input...
« on: August 20, 2015, 09:22:09 pm »
Hi gang,

It's time for a rebuild for ol' Mad Max [90 TD Jetta]; and whilst I have fun with that, I'm looking for a TDI. I seem to spying a lot of 2012 Jettas out there for sale with the auto trans; very few manuals. I'm having dreams of fragging DSG autos...hoping they are not the same unit. I love rowing gears. The boss does not....
I have to admit my head's been in the sand unless it's a mark II all these years...are there any ones I need to stay the heck away from?


[edit] OK, I've driven a couple of autos since the post above and that is one busy slushbox! I'm going to stay manual if I can find one in good shape. Anyone have any other pointers on things to watch out for?

Troubleshooting / Baffling mystery...
« on: January 06, 2009, 08:09:53 pm »
Hi Folks:

Driving with the kids a couple of days ago, toodling down the street when suddenly something went "WHAP" on the floorpan right under my daughter's feet on the passenger rear area. Hmmm. Maybe a chunk of debris or something. No problem, onward we go.
The next morning...she will not start. Wants to, but won't. It has never behaved like this in its life. So I went through the usual suspects:
- Glow bus is getting good power (plugs pimped with the Ford relay and indicator light etc.)
- Fuel cutoff solenoid ok
- Fuel is getting into the IP.
- Battery is very strong and cranking well
- I can smell the diesel-that-is-trying-really-hard-to-be-exhaust-gases after about 5 seconds of cranking.

I'm thinking: Crap. Something fell off the car! That's what hit the floorpan. But what? It's not possible to go back and see (freeway) and I can't see anything obviously missing. No leaks. Weird stuff. All the IP bolts are there (cuz I'm thinking the wants-to-start behaviour means she's out of time...jumped a tooth and the object hitting the floorpan was coincidence? But the engine never missed a beat. Nothing.) and while looking her over...

Can anyone save me some time and suggest the best way to get that lower housing off while it's -16c outside...

I've never noticed this connector before, going to the turbo...(at least, I don't think so...) It's right underneath the hose to the valve cover running off the air intake. What the heck is it? Nothing in the Bentley...

And, on the face of the IP...looks like a voltage regulator...can't find it's wiring/description/anything in the Bentley either. Could this be the/part of the problem:


General / Interesting bit from the stealer...
« on: December 18, 2008, 07:01:44 pm »
I picked these bad boys up at a stealership and the parts guy said these were getting really rare these days. Something to think about if you're dropping your subframe and want to replace them if you do the anti-sway bar bushings. True?


Upgrades (non engine related ) / Blower motor switch question
« on: October 31, 2008, 10:55:03 am »

The 90 Jetta's climate control blower motor has bit the dust, along with the resistor. It had factory air (everything is gone except the compressor which is free-wheeling for now). Are the physical mounting dimensions the same for any of the flavours of blowers out there? The replacement motor from any reseller for the ones with factory air is almost worth as much as the car. Tough to find at the pick'n'pull too....
Here's the setup I have:

and here's the blower without factory air, and 1/4 the cost....


Troubleshooting / Steering rack question and info for a swap...
« on: September 16, 2008, 07:42:03 pm »
Hi Folks,

Moving over from the General section...I have a question. Bentley specifies: On cars with power-assisted steering, support the engine and transaxle as shown yadda yadda yadda...remove the rear transaxle mount, and loosen the center bolt of the rear engine mount...

Since the top right image is the right rear mount, I can (finally!) loosen the center bolt. The question is: There is no way in hell I'm getting the two bolts shown (13mm) on the tranny mount (lower two arrows) off. They are occluded by the vacuum booster, and other (hard-mounted) engine goodies for access from the top. I cannot get a wrench with enough movement from underside either. I can, however, get at the 17mm bolt on the top. Anyone see any problems if I remove it instead?

Oh, BTW (Tyler you mentioned that those stupid steering bolts always broke off). That's because they're designed to become mounting studs once they are driven into the subframe and the locking fins mash themselves tight. I found the "studs" reference on Page 38 of Suspension and Steering, point 7 of the Bentley  :roll:


General / MK2 rear engine mount
« on: September 07, 2008, 12:18:13 pm »
Hi folks;

Gotta loosen the rear engine mount center bolt and take off the tranny mount to switch out the power rack for a manual. Here's my problem...The rear engine mount. It's 17mm, rusted on real good. Is this one of those nasty "thin wall socket required" specials? I have nerve damage so it's tough for me to determine "solid socket contact" by touch and I can't see sh%* with my hands in the way  :x  Did I mention chiseling off the four bolts for the power rack with a air tool was the only way to get them off? Damn things twisted off mid-shank in the subframe....Nasty idea VW had using locking shoulder bolts on that.


Upgrades (non engine related ) / If you've stripped a bolt/screw etc...
« on: August 23, 2008, 10:00:50 pm »
Hi Folks.

I put this in the upgrades section because it's probably where it'll get read the most... :)

Some time back I was having grief with a pooched wheel cylinder etc and I read a couple posts today about some of you having the same problems of fasteners of any type completely stripped/rounded etc. The wife picked up these puppies at Sears and they are worth it. They've got reverse-spirals cut into them and I've removed many fasteners with them and they are as sharp as the day I got them (that's grease on the face of them, not rust). Using a wrench, it even backed out the nasty nuts on an exhaust clamp.

They're female easy-outs and now cheap enough to get one for each tool box. The skin you'll save using these will make the post-repair beers go down better  :D


Upgrades (non engine related ) / Will the manual steering rack fit...
« on: August 21, 2008, 08:18:31 pm »
Hi Folks:

Will a manual steering rack off an '87 Golf fit into a 92 Jetta that currently has  a really leaky power rack?

IDI Engine / The IP and the Naughty Cold Start Cable...
« on: August 16, 2008, 10:18:56 pm »
Alrighty. Got the 87 Golf running again after a stint providing shade for my driveway  :o
Couldn't understand it. Would not start (she started regularly and easily but I let it go these last months  :oops: ).
So: Let's time this puppy and make sure. Got 'er right on .039" (1mm), still no joy. She cranks and cranks and cranks with sort-of-burned fuel out the back and she wants to fire but....so I check the timing again. Right on. However, this time I notice something. I ask the boss (wife) to make sure the cold start lever is pushed in. It is not. She pushes it in while I'm fiddling with the pump and the cable moves...but the lever it's attached to does not. Hmmm. I take a long screwdriver, loosen the screw and push the flat screw head that tightens on the cold start cable and push it towards the front of the IP (pulley) and it started with a touch of the key.
My question is, now what? How will this car start in the winter when I need to pull out the cold start lever? It will not start if I pull it out now. What is the normal position of the cold start lever (IP side)?

Troubleshooting / Resistor pack values
« on: June 22, 2008, 10:54:58 am »
Hey everyone:

Just mulling over the overheating issue a post back and it brought a joy-filled memory of a trip to the stealership over the resistor pack on the cabin fan motor.

Does anyone out there have a working unit with the resistor pack out there that they can test for and post the values?


BTW: the stealership has the cheapest wheel bolts anywhere at 3.87 each. The aftermarkets around me wanted 6, 6.50 and 5.75.

Troubleshooting / Rear drums info and I'm in a pinch...
« on: June 20, 2008, 11:19:43 pm »
Alrighty. Sorry for the cross-post but I'm short on time and have to get this girl going tomorrow. My parts order came in but the rear drums are 200mm with the accompanying 1.5" wide shoes. Problem is, she's wearing 180mm with the 1.25" shoes. Musta clicked the wrong link when ordering the stuff. Just for Shi#s and giggles I slid it over the stub and it covers the backing plate as well as the small one fits inside the backing plate lip. Can she wear these bigger drums with proper bearings or do I need to change out the backing plate etc as well ??  

EDIT: I just went back to the site and it only offers the 200mm drum for the '90. Strange though, on the brake shoes page it offers both the big shoes for the 200mm drum and the smaller shoes for the 180mm drum.


Alrighty. My parts order came in but the rear drums are 200mm with the accompanying 1.5" wide shoes. Problem is, she's wearing 180mm with the 1.25" shoes. Musta clicked the wrong link when ordering the stuff. Just for Shi#s and giggles I slid it over the stub and it covers the backing plate as well as the small one fits inside the backing plate lip. Can she wear these bigger drums with proper bearings or do I need to change out the backing plate etc as well ??


Parts for Sale/Wanted / NEED REAL FAST: Jetta MK2 crossmember
« on: January 18, 2008, 03:42:21 pm »
Hi Folks:

The crossmember let go on my 90 Jetta. Thought I had one locally after searching without luck only to find the doorknob pulled a part from a mk3 & tried to convince me it'll fit  :roll:

This is what I need (item 2 & might as well get #4 too):

This is why:

I'd really hate to part out this girl because I can't find this part... :cry:

General / Damn, she's dead for now
« on: January 10, 2008, 04:02:01 pm »
Pulled out of my driveway to hear a loud "BANG!" when I engaged the clutch to drive away. Engine started revving madly. I shut her down and stopped instantly (doing maybe 3 mph when this happened).
I get out and hmmm....why can I see the front crossmember hanging down? (Driver's side). :shock:

I jacked up the crossmember and put a jackstand under her to keep it near level.

1) What is the proper name for this crossmember?
2) Where the hell can I find one? I've called many boneyards without luck, then again, they may not know what I'm lookin' for and will require a personal visit.
3) What grade bolts would you suggest when I fix her up?
4) Any other suggestions solicited.


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