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TDI Engine -General Info / Strange Knocking Phenomenon - causes?
« on: July 04, 2017, 02:48:33 pm »
Hey, new user here. I have a 1982 (mk1) Diesel 1.6 n/a, and something super strange happened yesterday. My engine had been gradually developing a noise, a sort of slight knock, and I was keeping my eye on it. However I was sitting idle in a drive thru and all of a sudden the engine jerked and started knocking SUPER loud and shuttering like I had broken a rod or something, I thought for sure I'd blown the engine. I should have shut it down, I know, but I was SURE the engine was kaput anyhow and I wasn't far from home so I thought 'screw it, ill ease it back home'. However, after about 30 seconds of this horrible knocking I felt it just 'release' and the knocking immediately ceased, and the car began running PERFECT. Smoother than ever, all 4 cylinders firing properly like nothing ever happened. I expected the problem to come back but all day today it's been running flawlessly.

Given the intense nature of the knock, yet it's temporary presence, I don't know what to think of it. Obviously my rods/bearings are fine because all day today there has been zero problems or any strange noises. Is there something else in the bottom end that could have interfered with the crank spinning (i.e. an oil pickup tube or something), or is it possible that my injection pump shut off two injectors for a moment and the knocking was the engine smacking something from the vibration? I've typically been an aircooled guy and I don't know enough about the bottom ends of these engines yet.

I have limited time to work on the car so I'm trying to brainstorm the most likely causes so I can more effectively troubleshoot when I dive into it. Has anybody had anything like this happen? What's the most likely culprit?

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