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IDI Engine / Aaz safe boost
« on: October 18, 2018, 07:15:34 pm »
How much boost can stock internals handle? I just took my taco with a freshly rebuilt aaz with arp head and main studs and its making 34psi with my holset he221w. The thing flies but I think this might be a bit much for it? I'm upgrading to an alh in the near future but I need to sell this without a hole in the block 😂

Parts for Sale/Wanted / WTB K03
« on: September 30, 2018, 01:56:42 pm »
Looking for a oem k03 that's in good shape and hasn't been abused its entire life. Building a compound alh with my he221w for my Tacoma. If anyone has one they don't want an arm and a leg for feel free to pm me!

IDI Engine / oil pressure switch
« on: September 09, 2018, 03:56:22 pm »
Hey guys. I'm looking to install a oil pressure switch so I have some kind of warning in my Tacoma swap. Theres not a lot of room to mount aftermarket gauges so I'd rather just run the light for now. The cluster light turns on with ground and off without ground so I need a sensor that grounds at low pressure then opens the circuit at pressure. Is this how the stock sensors run? Also what kind of pressure should be running at the filter flange? I know theres a bunch of different psi rating switches available. Id rather one a bit higher to get an earlier warning of a developing issue then the 3psi one. Is 13psi likely to trip at idle on the filter flange on a healthy engine? Its been a while since I monitored pressures but from what I remember filter flange at idle should be around 20psi and the head is about 10psi which should make 13psi a decent size for the light?

IDI Engine / aaz throttle cable
« on: August 19, 2018, 08:17:14 pm »
how do I make this work? I had the older style cable with the black rectangle thingy and the metal collar that slides over and locked it into place but I cant find it. Went to pickapart today and this was the only cable I could find. unfortunately the ip and whatever this piece slides onto was missing. Anyone know what im looking for or where to find it? or would anyone have a few inches of the cable with the locking part (gotta hack 2 cables together and just need the portion to attach it to the throttle arm).

IDI Engine / Block girdle
« on: July 28, 2018, 02:34:21 pm »
Anyone have a cad file of a block girdle? Have a friend with a cc, wouldnt mind getting him to cut me one out if anyone has a design they'd care to share?

IDI Engine / What the hell just happened?
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:41:08 pm »
Long story short. Rebuilt aaz put maybe 50-100km on it then pulled it and swapped it into a tacoma. Started it up the first time 2 days ago. Started first crank and sounded wicked and ran it for a couple min. Yesterday had it idling and went to grab a wrench around the corner and it started misfiring like crazy and black smoke coming out the exhaust. Restarted it and it would run smooth for 5-10 seconds then start to misfire. Checked the injectors to discover injector #1 was loose (I torqued it properly 52ft-lbs with new heatshields when the motor was assembled). Today i reinstalled the injector with a new heatshield and it ran smooth for a few more seconds before misfiring again. I then tried 2 other spare injectors and cylinder 1 is completely dead. Doesnt run smooth at all. Wtf happened? Pulled the valve cover and nothing obvious stands out. Fuel gushes out if i loosen the fuel nut so its getting fuel. How the hell does this happen 😢

mTDI Mechanical TDI Conversions / rover 200/300tdi pump potential?
« on: April 26, 2018, 04:34:53 pm »
hey guys. I have an aaz in my Tacoma with a he220wg. Been kind of playing with the idea of going mtdi for more power and better efficiency. Was just curious what kind of power you can get from an alh or ahu with a rover pump without major pump mods? I've searched around google but havn't really been able to find any concrete answers. Looking to get the most power without sacrificing reliability. How much can these motors handle usually? I don't mind investing in arp hardware where necessary but I don't plan on building a full on racing motor with stronger rods and pistons and block girdle... Is there any benefit to ahu or alh over one another in regards to performance or reliability?

I figure my aaz is good for about 150-175hp, if I could get 250hp reliably that would be amazing!

IDI Engine / Holset choice?
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:21:37 pm »
Hey guys.
Got a aaz I recently rebuilt with arp head and main studs with a giles pump and a he211w turbo. I put maybe 50km on the build before pulling the motor for a different vehicle. The motor sat in my friends garage a few months and somehow one of the compressor blades managed to break (think it was his 3 year old trying to "fix it" with a screw driver or something).

I got the turbo super cheap 2nd hand off of ebay and i cant for the life of me find a new compressor wheel or even a rebuild kit for it. The only company i found that sells them has a 10 order minimum and are chinese aftermarket (eww). I didnt have much experience playing with it but i was boosting about 27psi without an intercooler and egt never got very high (think my pump needs a retune, also got it 2nd hand). Thinking of just biting the bullet and buying a new turbo. Would you guys suggest getting another he211w and swapping the modified housing (for clocking) or would the he221w be better suited for the 1.9l? The motor is going in a tacoma so im thinking the smaller he211w is probably my best bet for quicker spooling offroad? Modifying the waste gate on the he221w would be more work as well...

Parts for Sale/Wanted / Freshly built AAZ
« on: October 10, 2017, 06:15:47 pm »
Think I've just about hit the final nail in the coffin on my samurai build. I'm just running into too many problems and I don't have the time or desire to fix the thing. I think its time to admit defeat and cut my losses
Specs are as follows:
Freshly rebuild AAZ block with maybe 100km on it since rebuild
1st oversized KS pistons
Arp head and main studs
Factory new AAZ head
Giles injection pump
He211w turbo with t25 manifold
G60 modified intake manifold
K&N Apollo intake (loud)
New glow plugs and timing belt and tensioner
Injectors could probably use a rebuild but it runs pretty well. Currently peaks at 27psi of boost and has tons of power. The block is painted ford blue the head and accessories are like an off black, the timing belt cover and the intake are bubble paint black and the valve cover is andonized blue. Its very clean, starts well and runs well but it smokes a bit which I'm thinking is due to the lack of mileage. Not sure what its worth I'm thinking like $3500? located in Langley BC.

IDI Engine / First start after rebuild
« on: July 01, 2017, 02:08:29 am »
Started pretty easily but it shakes really bad and just sounds off to me. Anyone have any idea's? Only ran it for a few seconds as my wiring isn't even close to being ready. Just wanted to see how it would run. Air in the lines maybe? Sounds like its firing on all cylinders but something is definitely off.

IDI Engine / New engine
« on: June 11, 2017, 12:32:40 pm »
hey guys. Havn't been around here lately. I've rebuilt my aaz in my samurai and put a holset he221w on it. Havn't quite started it up yet as I've been doing about a million other things on the truck but figured I'd throw up some pics because everyone likes looking at clean engines

I've still got a bit of work to do but my air filter and intake couplers should arrive in a week or 2 and it should be ready to go by then! I just finished the hard part of the exhaust and plumbed all the coolant lines yesterday. The engine bay is practically done, the biggest thing left is putting in the transfercase and driveshafts and fixing up my wiring!

IDI Engine / AAZ Ring gap?
« on: April 08, 2017, 04:46:26 pm »
Hey guys, getting ready to put my aaz back together and I cant find any info on ring gap for my new pistons. They are KS # 91 429 620 .50mm oversize, box says 80.010mm
Pistons say:

I tried emailing ks but never got a response from them. Anyone happen to have the info on hand? I'll be running a holset turbo around 25psi if it makes any difference. I'm also interested in the clocking info...

I just checked 1 set of rings and they are .305mm for the top ring and .330mm for the middle ring

Parts for Sale/Wanted / AAZ head and k24, plus random parts
« on: February 26, 2017, 09:42:23 pm »
I'm going to be pulling my engine and rebuilding the bottom end, installing my new head and a holset turbo in mid March. As such I will no longer be needing:

AAZ head, was told the engine had 175,000km on it when pulled. When I installed it the engine had almost no oil pressure. Ended up changing the main, rod and im shaft bearings and now I have too much oil pressure (believe an oil gallery is clogged). Anyways the engine runs extremely well other then the oil pressure issues. Here is a vid of it running from a couple months ago

Looking for $150USD for the just head with no valve cover, or coolant flanges

K24 with unknown miles, I believe there was no in and out shaft play and only minor up and down when I installed it but can give a better description when its pulled. I will include the oil feed line and my hacked up drain line for the aaz for $150USD obo. I may or may not have a spare manifold laying around as well.

1.6td injector lines $30USD

I'll have a look at my parts pile and update the thread with whatever else I can find. Like I mentioned earlier I'll be pulling the engine mid march so the parts wont be available until then. I'm in Canada so keep that in mind for shipping quotes.

IDI Engine / turbo play
« on: February 23, 2017, 10:27:24 pm »
I didn't want to clutter the swap guide thread I started so figured I would just post here quickly.

I bought a he211w used from china on ebay. The seller claims the turbo was never run on a vehicle and from what I understand was only used for testing on a dyno I believe (bit of a language barrier in our talks).

After 6 business days it arrived today (way faster then expected) and physically its extremely clean. No noticeable oil leaking from it, the exhaust inlet/outlet have 0 soot and my finger comes away clean when wiping inside them. The exhaust side of the housing was painted black and is starting to peel off in places but there is 0 rust on it. There is practically no in and out play, however there is maybe 1/8" of up and down and it looks like the cold side of the shaft has slightly more play then the exhaust side but it doesnt look like the blades touch the housing but they come extremely close. Is this normal or anything to worry about? It doesnt look like the housing is worn around the blades.

I'd post pics but my cell phone, and my backup cell phone both *** the bed this week  ::)

I'm also shocked by how small this turbo is! Its quite a bit smaller then the k24 I have on the aaz right now.

IDI Engine / Holset swap info and flange adapter
« on: February 15, 2017, 10:05:00 pm »
I just ordered a HE211wg for my AAZ. I've looked around at what exactly needs to be done to make it work on our engines. The information has been scattered and some of it is hard to find so I figured I would collect it all into one spot for anyone looking to do this swap. I still have some questions and hopefully others can chime in and make this a good resource. I'll update this as others pitch in.

I'll start with the adapter plate for mounting the turbo onto our vw manifolds
These are pictures of the 2 different flanges we are trying to mate.
Vw exhaust flange diemsnions

T25 Exhaust flange dimensions:

You need roughly a 3 1/8" x 4 1/8" piece of steel I'm using 11/16" (16mm) thick as I found a piece at work, this needs to be roughly 3/16" or thicker then the head of the allen head bolts you use. Alcaid says the holset turbo flange is threaded to accept M8x1.25 bolts. The bottom 4 holes should be drilled to 9mm,  the middle 2 holes should be then counter sunk with a 14mm drill bit roughly 9mm or 10mm deep, the top 2 holes I would suggest drilling and tapping for the hardware of your choosing. I'm going with 10mm bolts on the top over 8mm because I think it will help center the flange in the manifold slightly as it originally used 10mm hardware.

Is what your adapter should look like when finished

The oil feed fitting required is M10x1.25 thread and should run a AN-4 hose with no restrictor. Alcaid says the stock oil feel is sufficient diameter however he suggests always replacing the lines when installing a new turbo. The oil feed banjo from the filter housing is M12x1.5.

The oil drain is a standard T3 oil drain flange with 2 M6x1.0 thread bolts. Holset recommends the drain be no less then 30 degrees to horizontal, and have a minimum internal diameter of 14mm, AN-10 or 5/8" would work perfect. The AAZ drain hole is threaded for M18x1.5 fitting.

The compressor inlet and outlets use a 2.25" V band fitting. A 2.25" silicone hose may or may not fit over the v band mount and work with a clamp.

He221w user manual The general information is the same between the he221w, he211w and he200wg as far as I know.

If anyone documented how they clocked the turbo feel free to post it. I'm installing this in my samurai so I have plenty of room and its not required.


Special thanks to Alcaid for supplying the information I havn't been able to figure out on my own. He's also the man to talk to when you are ready to order a turbo. Alcaid AKA Peter Lonning: [email protected]

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