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TDI Engine -General Info / Re: Sadly Hood got mangled
« on: December 18, 2018, 11:07:08 pm »
Thanks! that is nice of you...
It is sorta far away.....
Not really sure how to make something like that happen....

TDI Engine -General Info / Re: Bad Turbo?...
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:28:55 pm »
           If you suspect air in the lines as a possibility....  Consider trying this.

             First, this smoky blue,,, will the vehicle smoke while idling...  ?? or perhaps,  If you press pedal down in neutral will it get smoky?

          Basically, run your fuel source  from a pail...   get some fuel line  fill a bucket with some fuel and connect
your fuel source(a bucket) directly to the fuel filter... I would even consider running the return line into the bucket as well.
You are trying to either establish or rule most of the fuel system's lines/aparrati as the culprit......

     Now, I have seen on my IDI  a bad air problem... though, my symptoms being different....
my case was "fuel starvation" due to bad check valves in the feed and return lines...
(the most annoying symptom of this was rough idle)

Good luck , Monst


TDI Engine -General Info / Boost Gauge (lke to install one)
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:15:31 pm »

       I would like to install a boost gauge

Can you recommend one?   and it has pretty decent instructions.  (should be lighted)
   What is the price range of  boost gauges....
THanks, Monst

TDI Engine -General Info / Oil for Your TDI
« on: December 13, 2018, 09:13:06 pm »


        I have been running  Pentosin in my IDI  I think it is 0w 40....

What  have you been running in you TDI......

  I have a 92 ECO...D(also)  and I would like to run the best oil
to keep the turbo happy......   Pentosin oK?

Thanks, Monst

TDI Engine -General Info / Sadly Hood got mangled
« on: December 13, 2018, 04:00:54 pm »

Aye!,                      MK2     Jetta   Eco D  92

     WHere can I get body parts?
Basically, need   ::

                   A hood.
                 Core support for round headlight
                Front bumper cover
                Possibly  Passenger fender.

Looking high and low....   see stuff here and there....  but, costly.

  I can go either way    New or used...(just not rusted)

Thanks, Monst ???

IDI Engine / Rub Strips
« on: August 13, 2015, 07:38:02 pm »
   It's been a while.....
Car was running good....
new head gasket... rebuilt injection pump...
It is the Jetta Mk2 (91).....
   I am in the process of getting collector car insurance on it.
and the side moulding(rub strips) are missing on the passenger side
doors....   I need to purchase them... ASAP.... and get them...
to my house.... because I have to have it Insured within about five
days because.... I have some guy from the Town Department
hounding me because it has no plates on it.....
" I am in violation" of some town code about unregistered vehicles....
SOOOOO I get the collectors insurance... and then I can get plates....
    SOOOO the
              Where can I buy this trim?

         I  am still shopping for   a place to get insurance.....
       looks like.....   maybe   "AMERICAN COLLECTORS".. may insure the car....
Does anybody else have collectors insurance.....  ????????
      and who is it with??????????

  THanks,    Monst........ 8)

IDI Engine / Re: 1.6l A2 NA Injection pump..... leaking
« on: March 31, 2014, 08:47:44 pm »
Stop solenoid...
   Sounds like it is working...
 Unthreaded it....
  Is it supposed to be two pieces?
checked it... while out. it was pulling inward....

Rise and fall of plunger... with dial indicator...
  is less than 2.33mm   it is...   2.00 mm

let me know what you think

 Thanks, Micky

IDI Engine / Re: 1.6l A2 NA Injection pump..... leaking
« on: March 30, 2014, 08:51:50 pm »
  So I had a nice hand siphon pump today....
I stuck it on the return side of the the fuel
filter.... I drew through the injection pump about
5 litres of fluid.... I even sucked a quart
of ATF through the IP.
   MY PROBLEM: It still does not have any diesel
in the lines going to the injectors.
Cranked it over quite a bit.....
So while running the hand siphon,
the return line will go clear ()meaning
no air bubbles. Then we'd crank it for
a while(20 seconds) and then it  would
have air in the return after cranking.... There would
never be air on the inlet side(no air going into IP just fuel)....
   So I am confused as to why the
hydraulic head  is not sending fuel into the injector lines.
We replaced the o-ring on the hydraulic
head because the IP leaked but, car ran ok even though it leaked...
 I even checked to make sure that it was put back together.
 It is back together ok(no sprung parts in the hydraulic head).
   ANy IDeAs?????????
         I there a special bleeder on the IP.... ??????
I am at a loss here..... :P :( :-\

IDI Engine / Re: 1.6l A2 NA Injection pump..... leaking
« on: March 30, 2014, 01:38:25 am »
So I ended pulling the pump again......
It just seemed to be taking too long....
I even did the gravity thing....
took an old empty gear oil bottle
and zip tied it upside down to the
hood support and then ran a hose
down to the ip over night....
this got a quart into the ip....
 then I ran it out of a pail... and
the return was looking pretty good
I mean yeah there were still air bubbles
but fuel was passing on through for sure...
It was just that the fuel was not coming out
the Hydraulic head to the injectors......
I was dribbling like and ol' manz..........
nothing significant was getting to injectors...
very minimal if any...........
     What do you think?.... Could it really
take that long.....
  I mean I have run out of fuel... and
car has died..... poured fuel in......
and you know it took a bit... but it started
up......... So what is the difference here?
   So I pulled it again... to check and see
if the parts where positioned behind the
hydraulic head.....   ANd   now I will
slap it back in........
   Very interested in some perceptions....
THanks, Micky

IDI Engine / Re: 1.6l A2 NA Injection pump..... leaking
« on: March 27, 2014, 10:57:54 pm »
Thanks on the tips....

   So I replaced the seal at the hydraulic head.....
slapped it back in... I decided not to delve in
too deep. Too many projects going at once,

   Anyway, pump was out of car for a good day.
My question is this, How long does it take to
crank a dry pump to get the vehicle started.
And is there a bleeder on the ip?

IDI Engine / Re: 1.6l A2 NA Injection pump..... leaking
« on: March 26, 2014, 12:58:55 pm »
   Thanks on the link here.
I got my seals the other day...
Going to work on it today.
got to get the pump out.


IDI Engine / Re: 1.6l A2 NA Injection pump..... leaking
« on: March 11, 2014, 10:33:33 pm »
Appreciate the insight.....

   I will look at the possibility of the vid.... on eeb...

It is possible to get a seal kit... that is
    VITON......  bio friendly seals?


IDI Engine / 1.6l A2 NA Injection pump..... leaking
« on: March 08, 2014, 07:42:53 am »
     Yupper...  It's leaking now and can't be ignored...
So I got to deal with it.

    It is leaking at the  last seal next to the
(best way I can describe it) the fuel lines - distributor....
It looks like maybe four torx hold that section onto pump...

   As for the way it is running, it still runs ok... despite a
constant drip. (which will fill a 1/2 pint pretty quick 8oz.   appx. .25liter)

I would like to go at it myself and just replace that one seal....
anyone know the part number of that seal... and what
mysteries :-X :-X lie there..
(like what is going popout and spill all over the floor when
  I remove the fuel distributor from the pump)
       I would rather use a Viton seal.......

* Now if this is something that hasn't been undergone
what are places to get it rebuilt... I live in the northeast
and (looking for a quick turn around.. I need the car running)

Someone near me was saying something of a place in
Connecticut... He got a Kuboda inj. pump rebuilt....there
He couldn't remember the name  (had in the name: Diagnostics) at
the end of the name. prices were very reasonable.

So that is all I can think..

   Thanks , Micky

IDI Engine / Re: Water pump impeller seized or just simply brogen-- Air?
« on: January 27, 2014, 07:27:25 pm »
Yeah ,
  It is good that I can perhaps
see light at the end of the tunnel
regarding this one.....
So Bosch has  a warranty replacement?
What did you have to do to get that..... ;D

IDI Engine / Re: Water pump impeller seized or just simply brogen-- Air?
« on: January 26, 2014, 06:00:24 pm »
So this is the story...
I pulled the water pump...
and here is a picture..... or two...
It is a Bosch water pump... I
put in about 70 k  miles ago.....
   "Planned Obsolescence"..
So it is a plastic impeller that
looks like it was bonded (james bonded)
to a knurled Shaft............
   What is interesting in this hole
schpiel.... Is  that I perhaps had
a problem with this before even
the head gasket..... And the reason
I say this... I that I would have this
strange thing... happen with the heat
which was .... At Idle.... there was
no heat......  and I am wondering if
perhaps at idle the impeller  was
completely slipping.......
  Anyway,  it doesn't really matter..
but,  I would consider the possibility
in the future when... trouble shooting
bizarre heat problems....... 
  I myself will check the construction
of the new pump I get..... AND
hopefully, I don't have to purchase
one that is constructed with a plastic
impeller that is sort of bonded(like this one)
to the shaft......
  I mean really what would it have cost
them to put splines,,,, or even a set screw
what would Bosch have to spend to do
it right?

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