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IDI Engine / Re: I think I just had timing jump on my AAZ....
« Last post by Patrick on Today at 07:27:24 pm »
I might have an engine. Pm me
Tried a couple of times... headed to London tomorrow to look at a mk4 wagon, maybe st Williams to look at another one. Still want to put the mk back together though.
Thanks, I used that info to practice on an old NA pump, and then realized that none of my sockets or box end wrenches would fit in there anyway.  I eventually got the solenoid out (it was ugly), but the one I replaced it with did not solve the issue. 

I then  replaced the fuel filter and filled it with ATF.  Despite cranking many times, I can't get any of the ATF to appear in the translucent tube to the pump.  Can you confirm that the solenoid just cuts off fuel to the plunger, but the pump should still be drawing in and expelling fuel (through the tank return line) when the engine is cranked?  This is a real puzzler.   
IDI Engine / Re: Oil cooler upgrade worthwhile for 1.9 AAZ in sidekick?
« Last post by Buji88 on Today at 10:20:20 am »
Thanks, that's good advice. It's going to be my DD once I have it dialed in so it will see a lot of highway miles and in theory lots of off-roading (unless I miss hunting season with it). Im running 31" tall tires and it will get 4.30 gears compared to the 5.12's in it now. Any obvious signs of a cooler gone bad that I can spot in the yard when I pull it?
Thanks for exhausting answer. Don't worry picrute above is from one IDI/MTDi frankenstain what i did before 200tdi pump. I am not touched that spring. On 200Tdi pump i did just Governor mod.
But if i lower enrichment screw i lost a lot of power/torque, mainly on bottom spectrum of RPMs and LDA "kicks in" is a lot more noticeable and i don't like that - it feels like turbo spool. I hoped for lowering starting quantity without lose power.

I think i will survive then a little smoke on start. So it looks that i have just one thing to do for weekend. I want decrease maximum pressure from 1.3b to 1.2b for less strain in  my K14 turbo. Hope that turbo will survive with car until rust eat whole car. :D

Sorry for my terrible english.  :-[
IDI Engine / Re: I think I just had timing jump on my AAZ....
« Last post by Patrick on Today at 05:15:07 am »
Don't remember. A long time ago. I'm pretty careful about clean on tapered shafts as a rule.. Will get it inside the garage this weekend and figure out what happened.
I wouldn't say do it because the vehicle is heavier.  I would do it based on temps you expect at heavy loads.  Like pulling up a long hill in first or low gears.  I ran a aux cooler on my jeep because I would get it hot getting around on steep ground and not have the benefit of a lot of air moving over the radiator at the low speeds.

Size it according to how cool you want it to run under stress.  In some situations more is not always better.  Yes it is good to run cool oil but if your engine lacks heat then you will find it using more gas to go. 

Look at the little oil and water cooler between the oil filter and engine on some of the engines that VW designed.  Is that sufficient?  Probably not in your case.  Do you need one the size of the radiator itself?  Likely not.  A gauge on the auxiliary cooler would let you know what temp the oil is at going back to the engine.  If too cold then downsize the cooler.
IDI Engine / Aaz safe boost
« Last post by RunninWild on October 18, 2018, 07:15:34 pm »
How much boost can stock internals handle? I just took my taco with a freshly rebuilt aaz with arp head and main studs and its making 34psi with my holset he221w. The thing flies but I think this might be a bit much for it? I'm upgrading to an alh in the near future but I need to sell this without a hole in the block 😂
IDI Engine / Oil cooler upgrade worthwhile for 1.9 AAZ in sidekick?
« Last post by Buji88 on October 18, 2018, 10:37:38 am »
Hey guys,

I'm getting close to finishing my 1.9 AAZ swap into my sidekick and I'm just running the cooling system now which has hit a snag and I will be re-doing it all in stainless steel pipe and silicone connectors where need be. My question since I'm revamping everything is going to the V6 or Passat cooler a good idea for a heavier vehicle? I will keep the engine stock for a while, no more boost or fuel until I can do the TDI pulley/crank mod.
IDI Engine / Re: I think I just had timing jump on my AAZ....
« Last post by rabbid79 on October 18, 2018, 01:23:05 am »
It seems much more likely the cam sprocket slipped position on the cam, than the belt slipped a tooth on the sprocket.  This might explain why it got gradually worse - was slipping a little each time.  Did you follow the cam sprocket install best practices (clean nose of cam and inside sprocket with brake cleaner, torque bolt perfectly, etc.)?
Kanikaze,  Don't mess with that little spring it is not what you want to adjust.   In your picture look at the lever that is sticking up past the top of the level of the body of the IP.  Now go get the top part that goes on and flip it over.  See the screw like thing that would touch the lever if it was all put together?  That is the Fuel Screw that controls the amount of fuel going into the engine at startup and when under way, driving.

You need to turn that screw out a couple of turns, two half turns.  Maybe more once the car gets running.  Turning it makes a lot of difference in how the car runs, how much power it has, how much fuel is wasted as black smoke. 

When you change the amount of fuel going in at idle you  also have to change the idle setting that is the screw that pushes the lever out a bit farther.  It is a balancing act.  A little more idle screw and a little less fuel screw. 

If the car is not responsive when you are driving it, then the fuel screw goes in like 1/4 turn and the idle gets backed off a bit to lower the RPMs
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