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The Small stuff never ends!

I second that.
IDI Engine / Re: 1.9 AAZ
« Last post by RabbitJockey on November 27, 2023, 06:59:27 pm »
180whp is possible, i am not sure that it will live long at that power level, they never seem to.

the key to make power is to keep the engine cool, use a good injection pump, and use a good turbo like he200wg or he221w. idi engines are not forgiving when it comes to heat.

i would recommend you use arp hardware in the bottom end and possibly use the tdi h beam rods, you will have to clearance your intermediate shaft for them to fit

the sdi cam is a bit hard to find, and a mild upgrade, the money is better spent on a dr diesel cam from giles, or a frank06 cam(assuming it will work with an aaz)

for the gearbox any watercooled 4 cylinder vw transission will bolt on. if you stick to an 020 it will bolt straight into your chassis.
IDI Engine / Re: AAZ rebuild (broke down in Maine)
« Last post by RabbitJockey on November 27, 2023, 06:52:31 pm »
thanks for the updates. sorry i dont have any ideas about your oil pressure.

whats up with you and cylinder 4? seems odd that they always do the same thing even with a completely new engine.

good on your for never giving up though.
 Great to hear it's on the road.
Not sure the small stuff ever ends.
Isn't just the greatest feeling to have it on the road at last?  I tuned on mine this weekend and it seems to be running best it ever has. 
mTDI Mechanical TDI Conversions / Re: mTDI Passat b2 swap, your help is much appreciated
« Last post by 33B on November 26, 2023, 02:03:30 pm »
IC installed, cluster installed another IP bought and installed. Finally its a daily driver.  Still have a loads of small things to do. A video will be posted soon.
IDI Engine / Re: AAZ rebuild (broke down in Maine)
« Last post by RockOcean on November 25, 2023, 12:36:07 pm »
Howdy ya'll

Just wanted to give a final update on this engine rebuild has the engine worn out prematurely at about 110k miles. After the drive from Maine to Florida I tested the compression and got 500 on all cylinders except #4 which was 490. The next year I went back out on the Appalachian Trail as a shuttle driver giving hikers shuttles to and from towns all along the trail from Georgia to Maine. Didn't have a single issue with the van, the complete opposite of the year before with having to change the head gasket, then the radiator, and final rebuilding the engine in this thread. In 2014 I headed out West for the first time ever. I had an upper IP leak and luckily I was only a few hours away from libbydiesel and he swapped out the seal for me in less then an hour. Eventually making it to the Southern Terminus of the PCT I started shuttling hiker again along the Pacific Crest Trail this time. About a month in I started having more IP leaks so I got the IP rebuilt by Brian at Omega Fuel Injection in El Canjon. This guys does amazing work only working on manual IP's. The Walmart parking lot was home for only 3 days as Brian got the IP and rebuilt it in a day and a half. The rest of the summer was trouble free with the van running great all the way thru the mountains up into Canada and back home to Florida albeit starting to have to keep an eye on the oil adding a half quart every 1,200 miles or so.

For 2015 I parked the van for the summer and hiked the Appalachian Trail. Well almost, I ended up getting de-trailed to help a friend document a album he was recording in Scotland. Returning state side I ended up on Nantucket to work for 5 weeks then got back on the trail in Maine and started hiking South. Eventually getting off the trail in mid November at the PA border with only PA and Maryland remaining. I met my current partner while hiking in Maine and we made plans to drive from Florida to Alaska the next summer. The trip started well but the engine started consuming a half quart of oil every 600 miles. By the time we made it up to Alaska it was drinking a half quart every 300 miles and burning it clean not even smoking. It was so bad we opted to take the inside passage ferry down to Bellingham, WA instead of driving. We worked on a farm in Northern California for the Winter and went to India and Nepal for 5 weeks in the Spring. I left the van in Southern California and hit the road to Maine as soon as I got there. I went about 100 miles and it drank a whole quart! I turned around immediately back to where I left the van and torn it down. Immediately you could see a lip about a quarter to a half inch down on cylinder 4. The machine shop said it was so worn the bore would have to be sleeved. Not wanted to go that route I started looking for a used engine. Lucky for me Quality German Auto Parts was only 30 minutes down the road. So I watched the 15 or so videos of all the AAZ's running and narrowed it down to the one I thought was best. 2 hours later I was installing my new used engine that I got for 1,800 bucks, and 2 days later I was on my way to Maine. I made it to Maine with no issues in 4 days.

The van ran great for a few years and me and my partner both ended up settling down for the first time ever in our live at 39 in Southwest Montana. This engine also started using oil just like the one before that I rebuilt. Since we were settled down we didn't use the van as much now we were no longer living on the road. I ran the van like this for a few years. Finally this summer I decided it was time for another AAZ rebuild. I Really wanted to go AHU but didn't pull the trigger on it and really wish I did. Sure enough this engine too was worn at the top of cylinder 4. It was not nearly as bad as the previous engine I rebuilt and was able to be re-bored using the +.5mm oversized pistons. I will add some photos and more info on this rebuild at a later date.

Finally getting engine back from the machine shop after a dreadful 6 month wait it was ready to fire up! Since it was 20f outside I had the block and oil pan heater plugged in to warm things up while priming and cranking the new engine. With a full oil filter I primed the oil pump with a drill rotating it clockwise (i hope this is the correct direction?) til I had oil coming out of the turbo feed line. Once I had that I put it all back together leaving the glow plug relay, and IP power disconnected. I cranked it for about 10 seconds and the low pressure oil light went out. I pulled fuel thru the IP, left the injector lines cracked at the injectors and powered the IP. After about 4 ten second cranks I had fuel at the injectors and tightened them up and plugged in the glow plug relay. Another 10 second crank and she fired right up! After purging the coolant system I took it for a test drive and immediately noticed the oil pressure was barely moving past 25psi it was idling at 20psi as it usually does. But it should be rising with the rpm's hitting 50-60psi before shifting into the next gear. Any idea of why this might be happening? The oil pump was brand new and I ran it in the engine about a month before the rebuild and it worked fine. The intermediate shaft bearings where not changed as the machinist said there was no sign of wear and this obviously was not a problem before the rebuild so it shouldn't be after.
IDI Engine / Re: Turbo 1.6NA checklist
« Last post by BuckyMK2 on November 25, 2023, 09:37:30 am »
Sweet, I have that plastic piece from the NA so Ill try to make them connect. Thanks for the help with the photos.
IDI Engine / Re: Turbo 1.6NA checklist
« Last post by fatmobile on November 25, 2023, 12:51:48 am »
 A search showed this vortex thread that lists that part number and has a picture.
Post #8 has a picture of the part.
 I've never seen one before. Not sure what air it would filter.

There is supposed to be a plastic piece on the inner fender, that the airbox intake hooks to.
 I think it's the same place an NA intake connects to.
IDI Engine / Re: Turbo 1.6NA checklist
« Last post by ORCoaster on November 24, 2023, 09:21:57 pm »
post pictures to a third-party site, like Dropbox.  Then copy the link from there and put it in between the two brackets that say img when you click on the box below the Bold box on the left side of those selections above.

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