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IDI Engine / Re: Do I need AAZ injector lines.....?
« Last post by libbydiesel on Today at 12:04:16 pm »
All the AAZ pumps had the long delivery valves. 
IDI Engine / Do I need AAZ injector lines.....?
« Last post by ToddA1 on Today at 09:15:09 am »
Hey all, I have a running AAZ in my truck, but Iím running an A2 style IP, lines and injectors. Like many others, Iíve needed to tweak the lines to fit.

Would the short, single stage AAZ lines be a direct bolt on, or would I need to worry about delivery valves also?

Parts for Sale/Wanted / Re: Wtb: 2 piece CCV breather tube
« Last post by ToddA1 on February 16, 2018, 07:09:39 pm »
I appreciate the offer, but thatís a bit more than Iím looking to spend. The aftermarket market one seems to be holding up, just looking for an OE one.

IDI Engine / Re: Piston Damage
« Last post by Ruby Doom on February 15, 2018, 07:46:39 pm »
Well the vehicle is new to me. Bought it knowing the timing belt had snapped, and would need at least the head done.

You think that valve failed causing the belt to snap, rather than the other way around? All the other valves and pistons have a smooth covering of carbon, like you'd expect, I can't see any signs of contact, though admittedly I was focused on getting the head off before the weather turned.

Only that one valve looked clean, it was very distinct.

I had awful luck changing thermostats on different VW diesel vehicles, sheared the bolt twice, tried EZ-outs etc. didn't want to do the pump, hindsight maybe should have, couldn't get it to seal right after changing etc.
Can't believe this thread is still running, only popped in to borrow the pic links but thought they may have been ruined by photobucket.

Use chrome browser and apply the photobucket fix and all the pictures reappear - if anyone does want the originals please email me regcheeseman AT btinternet DOT com
IDI Engine / Re: Piston Damage
« Last post by libbydiesel on February 15, 2018, 05:19:41 pm »
That isn't just a single valve/piston tap.  Those hammered together for a long time to displace that much piston metal.  It is very uncommon to see a single valve/piston hammer each other to that extent without some other factor, e.g. valve adjustment totally out of whack, valve stem stretching.  Definitely inspect lifter as well. 

I'm not sure what you feared from the thermostat elbow.  They are not expensive to replace and even if the bolts snap, that just means water pump replacement was past due and is also very easy to replace when the timing belt is off.  I always pull that flange to dump the coolant before pulling the head.  If you don't, then it dumps some of the extra coolant into the cylinders and you risk rust on cylinder walls or on the crank journals.  Probably not an issue if your coolant is less than 2 years old and the buffers aren't used up but still not a risk I like to take.
IDI Engine / Re: Piston Damage
« Last post by Ruby Doom on February 15, 2018, 04:17:18 pm »
Oh yeah, the head is off, and that valve is being replaced for sure, I just meant the short block itself should be usable. When I bought this I knew I was taking a chance on the whole thing being an anchor.

No the other pistons are fine, the lighting is just real bad in the back of my garage with an inspection lamp. And I didn't drain all the fluid out because I fear the thermostat elbow.
IDI Engine / Re: Piston Damage
« Last post by libbydiesel on February 15, 2018, 04:04:20 pm »
That has severely hammered the valve.  It looks like there might be a valve imprint in the piston next to it, but it's hard to see in the background pic.  Post a pic of each piston.  Replace every valve that contacted a piston.  The contact weakens the valve stems and valve heads tend to fall off down the road a bit and completely destroy the engine.  Usually the rod doesn't get bent, but I'd double-check piston protrusion and see if that piston is significantly lower than the others.   
IDI Engine / Piston Damage
« Last post by Ruby Doom on February 15, 2018, 03:54:37 pm »
I'm thinking this isn't so bad, only this piston seems marked, it might leak a little compression, but I think it'll run.

IDI Engine / Re: Would You Run This Cylinder head?
« Last post by r97 on February 15, 2018, 12:14:34 pm »
Everything concerning the 'rebuilt' head I bought has finally been squared away. Though the cylinder head I received fell far short of my expectations, the seller Quality German Auto Parts has been excellent to deal with. I was refunded every cent I paid, shipping and all. This process did take a while, but that blame falls more on UPS than the seller. Unfortunately I can in no way recommend the rebuilt cylinder heads sold by this company, but their customer service has been about as good as one could expect. I see no reason not to order new (ie not rebuilt) components from this seller.
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