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Parts for Sale/Wanted / Re: 1981 vw 1.6 idi part out.
« Last post by lukitas on Today at 06:31:18 pm »

Still have:
Injector hard lines, starter, pump pulley, intake plastic
Cars for Sale / FS: 1985 jetta 1.6td (Sioux Center, IA)
« Last post by lilpig88 on Today at 05:42:28 pm »
As the title states, I've got a 1985 jetta with 1.6td motor. Was originally a turbo car but the current motor is a 1986 I believe (hydro head).
has a k14 turbo on it and runs fine but is tired. Is still driven nearly daily. Nearly new tires, snow tires and rims (if desired for a small price, negotiable), recaro seats front and rear and quad round headlights (out of an '88 GLI). New steering rack, tight suspension...no clunks. Some rust.
It's nothing fancy but is always a joy to drive. I've owned it since 2005 and it's always a joy to drive. I'd be happy to email more photos per request. laughing (dot) camel @ gmail . com

I'd like to get $1000 for it but I haven't been active on these forums for years and have no idea what these cars are worth anymore. I'm moving and getting rid of a slew of vw diesel stuff and hope for the car to go to someone who cares instead of the junk yard.
I've also got some 5 speed transmissions, turbos (k24 and t3 for sure), old motors, and other parts that just seem to procreate.

Located in NW Iowa


Cars for Sale / Re: 1982 Rabbit (Sioux Center, IA)
« Last post by lilpig88 on Today at 05:28:34 pm »
Updated with photos.  I can send more upon request.

MK3 Golf/Jetta and B3/B4 Passat / Re: Petra Passat
« Last post by vanbcguy on Today at 04:46:36 pm »
Siiiiiiigh. From the "boy, do u feel stupid" department.....

Noticed when I was taking everything apart I was missing a rubber sealing ring from my air filter. Figured I must have not used it in the end (it was a thin ring to adapt the cleaner to the pipe I'm using but not strictly necessary). Welllll it isn't in the box. And the black fuzz that's all through my intake? Yeeaaaahhh I tried hitting a bit of it with my torch. Burns like rubber. Smells like rubber.


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IDI Engine / Re: k24 Rebuild Help
« Last post by VWrabbit317 on Today at 10:15:07 am »
Ok thanks for the info!

Whats the plus side of getting the rebuild kit that comes with the k27 journal bearing? Or was there just different style K24 turbos with different style bearings?
IDI Engine / Re: k24 - service/swap options
« Last post by RabbitJockey on Today at 07:57:45 am »
i always thought that 3mm allen adjusted how far the valve could open
IDI Engine / Re: k24 - service/swap options
« Last post by vanbcguy on Today at 12:37:03 am »
Wastegate doesn't come apart any more than that. About 30 lbs of hand pressure sounds about right, there's probably about 3 square inches of diaphragm in the actuator so that'd be 10 PSI boost pressure. That center Allen bolt thing can make small changes to the preload on the return spring - nothing significant, like within 1.5 PSI of the design set point. It's also a vent that'll let some boost pressure out for cooling purposes so don't worry if the actuator doesn't hold pressure.

Normal to see the missing bit on the compressor and / or turbine nuts. That's from high speed balancing of the assembled turbo. They grind a little off the nuts as required to balance the assembly.

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IDI Engine / Re: k24 - service/swap options
« Last post by oblique on August 21, 2017, 11:33:35 pm »

Got around to removing the wastegate from the k24. Few questions. The valve did not appear to be stuck - that is, maybe the removal process loosened it but it slides freely without any noticeable grit or skips in its travel - however - its very stiff. makes 30 lbs of hand pressure or more to close it - is this normal?

The banjo fitting that came off the wastegate had soot inside - is this a leak?

I see theres a 10mm allen slot at the bottom of the valve but it doesnt loosen anything when I turn it - whats the next step in disassembly process?

The turbines looked fine but the locknut looks like its missing an edge?

Snapped the head off one of the wastegate securing bolts - is it a standard drill out and extract on these?

IDI Engine / Re: k24 Rebuild Help
« Last post by vanbcguy on August 21, 2017, 10:46:21 pm »
It can more or less be done yourself. We used to have a good instruction thread on here before Photobucket started charging ransom...

The main gotchas / things to know about:

- the turbo wheels and shaft spin in excess of 100,000 RPM. Balance is critically important. If there is damage to either wheel you'll need to send it to a shop that can properly balance the entire assembly if you want it to have any sort of decent lifespan

- before removing the compressor wheel from its shaft you'll need to mark everything so it can go back with exactly the same orientation. See above for why.

- the compressor housing will come off pretty easily. The exhaust housing will probably put up a fight. Expect to have to use heat and a hammer.

- the K24 wastegate is very difficult to separate from the housing. You'll likely also want to lap the wastegate valve and seat as they probably aren't sealing all that well anymore

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