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IIRC they are different but both will work for mtdi
Upgrades (non engine related ) / Re: 7" Round LED Headlights
« Last post by theman53 on Today at 08:27:59 am »
I wish we would have had these when I did my MK2 to rounds
IDI Engine / Re: Smoke at idle
« Last post by zuhandenheit on Today at 02:16:42 am »
My understanding is that turbo oil feed line restrictions are unnecessary / a very bad idea on these motors.

Have you looked at your intake pipes? Does your crank case vent go to the intake? If not, there shouldn't be any oil in your intake pipes. When I had an inadequate oil drain, my post-turbo intake pipes were all coated in oil, and oil was even seeping out of the turbo housing and dripping off the wastegate actuator.
IDI Engine / Re: giles pump tuned for k24 paired with k03
« Last post by zuhandenheit on Today at 01:09:06 am »
Also, I fitted my boost controller -- now it seems max psi is 18. But I only reach that in very short bursts, with heavy acceleration.

And with the timing adjustment, I am seeing I think a little more smoke and higher EGTs. At full throttle I triggered my alarm at 1350, but just for a very brief moment. My gauge seems to react very fast -- as fast as my boost gauge -- and if I push it hard, both will jump up to what I would think is approaching the margins of safety. I've only done a few brief highway runs, but I think I'm seeing around 1000 f and 10 psi at 75 mph (top speed seems way beyond this, but over 70 I feel like I'm crashing into the air). I'm afraid the aerodynamics of these rigs limits the reasonable top speed to around 75.
IDI Engine / Re: giles pump tuned for k24 paired with k03
« Last post by zuhandenheit on Today at 12:20:04 am »
Right, thanks for the clarification. I do have the puck. And I was thinking about connecting it to the pipe that runs to my air filter (between the filter and turbo), which has both aluminum and silicone sections. Or, it might actually be easiest to make a hole in my filter canister, which is plastic (again, keeping in mind that it should be after the filter).

It was a rare problem until recently -- I think made worse because I'm running higher boost. After disconnecting my catch can today I drove quite a bit and have not seen oil. It's a shame -- the catch can is a nice, solid aluminum unit, but I think it is at least part of the problem. However, I'll bet if I connect one end of the line to my intake, the vacuum on the intake will more than make up for the restrictions of the can.

Since I haven't been seeing any oil in my catch can, I may run it with a disconnected hose for awhile and see if that fixes it.

IDI Engine / Re: giles pump tuned for k24 paired with k03
« Last post by libbydiesel on March 23, 2018, 11:25:12 pm »
Just to be clear, if running to the intake, the connection needs to go after the air filter but before the inlet to the turbo compressor.  You should also have all of the crank vent run through one of the hockey pucks.  Bypassing the hockey puck increases the risk of engine runaway even on a healthy engine. 
IDI Engine / Re: Smoke at idle
« Last post by ORCoaster on March 23, 2018, 07:19:56 pm »
The inconsistent smoke might be due to oil at higher pressure when cold but that wouldn't explain the smoke when getting a coffee or doing the bank stuff at a window.  That sounds like seals to me.  It was running hard and then not.  So oil going in is now more noticeable due to less RPM.   And no forward movement. 

Correct the 90 degree elbow with a 45 and that way the drain wouldn't be suspect any more.  Free draining and not potentially settling out a chunk or two of something at the edge of the oil pan producing a backup
IDI Engine / Re: Smoke at idle
« Last post by Frodo the Zuk on March 23, 2018, 03:05:37 pm »
You're reading my mind regarding the order of attack. I haven't pulled compression yet because I don't have a tester that'll fit ... and considering how recent the ring job was (in mileage, not age) as well as the inconsistency of the smoky show and how well it starts and runs, leads me to think compression is OK. But I know I should check it, if only to rule it out as suspect.

The turbo drain line is a straight shot to a 90-degree elbow fitted to the top edge of the pan. I understand that the 90-degree bend is very much less than ideal, and it'd be easy enough to correct that and rule it out. I am also curious to know if there is a restrictor on the feed line like some recommend. A rebuild looks easy and isn't expensive - it may be worth just doing. That would clear up the drain, let me know the condition of the feed line, and refresh the seals.

Obviously, I'd really rather not pull the head. But if all else checks out, it is what it is.

I guess what really confuses me is the inconsistency of the issue. Sometimes the smoke is heavy, sometimes light, occasionally clear at idle, and not an issue at all while cruising.
Parts for Sale/Wanted / WTB: oil dipstick and tube
« Last post by Mr.Captain on March 23, 2018, 02:45:15 pm »
Well I cant seem to find mine as its been apart for a few years...

looking for a good condition oil dipstick and tube with the mount to the injection pump.  It had the orange plastic on the end but I am in need of the metal pieces.


check out the build if ya want.  http://Http://

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IDI Engine / Re: Smoke at idle
« Last post by ORCoaster on March 23, 2018, 02:44:18 pm »
In all the information you don't mention the cylinder compression.  Could it be that over the years and miles of running that turbo set up the rings are again in need of replacement? 

Turbo rebuild sounds like a good choice as well.  As well as the valve stem guides.  Both of those are high on the list for high oil consumption. 

I think if this was me I would check compression, then rebuild turbo and leave head rebuild for last.  But that is just me.

As a last thought how about the drainline on the turbo.  Does that flow freely to the oil pan?  Could it use with some cleaning?  Backing up oil in the turbo perhaps?
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