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mk4 tdi auto trans options


Can the power be turned up on the 1.9alh with the auto transmission. What kind of power can the auto trans take, are there better componets for it to be built. Or are all the vw auto transmissions absolute garbage.

The 01m failed early often even with stock power.  If you treat it like it is made of glass it can last a long time.  I bought one Mk4 wagon with 240,000 miles on the original trans with two prior owners.  The first owner drove it 230,000 or so, and the new owners lost reverse gear within 10,000 miles.  I believe the second owners were not nearly as nice to the trans as the first.  I bought it and put a used trans in it and am still driving it now 10 years later.  I would NOT increase the power above stock.  The car drives fine.  IMO it has plenty of power.  I can cruise at 75 up steep highway grades.  If you want more power than that, my recommendation would be to get a different car and sell this one to someone who will appreciate it for what it is and drive it accordingly. 

Wanted:  One older gentleman with lame right foot to purchase VW with Auto transmission.  Must be willing to go slow and service accordingly.


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