Author Topic: VNT Turbo on 1.6TD  (Read 542 times)

August 17, 2022, 08:57:00 am


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VNT Turbo on 1.6TD
« on: August 17, 2022, 08:57:00 am »
Looking for experiences with a VNT turbo on a 1.6TD. I have a rather heavy, '89 VW Transporter Hightop. It was imported from Germany and has the 1.6TD & 5 speed. I have had the engine rebuilt and works well, but we can always use more power :-)

The engine has a K14 on it now and the 'special' exhaust manifold for the 50 degree installation in the T3.

I understand that certain Audi & Passat's possibly European had a VNT15 that was standalone, not part of the exhaust manifold (028 145 702H). The exhaust manifold would require an adaptor to fit the VNT15 and the exhaust would have to be modified to fit. I would have to acquire some system for the VNT control, I see standalone electronic ones are available (ie.

My little 1.6TD has been fitted with a liquid intercooler and runs currently at 14psi, it has a Giles Pump & Injectors. The engine pulls well from 3000 to 5000, but is lacking from idle to 3000. My hope is that with a VNT I could achieve more bottom end power.

Im sure this has been done before... Am I on the right track?

BTW I have an AHU waiting in the wings if required...

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Re: VNT Turbo on 1.6TD
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Search Fatmobile on here. He has done the conversion on his 1.6 TD.

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Re: VNT Turbo on 1.6TD
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 I don't have any experience with putting one in a van.
 I have heard of the VNT-15 with the exhaust manifold separate.
We have been discussing how to control the VNT15 mechanically over on the vortex.

 Ideas are buried in this thread:
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Re: VNT Turbo on 1.6TD
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I have a stand alone vnt-15 that I bought off ebay years ago, I can't remember what vehicle it originally came from. I used it for a year or two but couldn't figure out how to control it so I set the vanes somewhere in the middle. It topped out at 13lbs of boost while smoking and running the exhaust temps up past 1150 and climbing. Eventually I took it off and put it in a box.
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