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MK3 AFN ECU remove immobilizer



This is a noob question, is there some guideline to removing immobilizer on AFN ECU
I have lots of projects, done, current, or future, and never took time to work on this, and I would like to have "fewer wires" on some cars and fix some ECUs I have out for months

=>I need to do it on 4 pieces
028 906 021 GH from a 97 Golf, on my TDI, swapped transporter
028 906 021 CK from Passat, the date on ECU 04.6.96 to mount on daily Mk3
028 906 021 EF From Seat Toledo, the date on ECU 04.04.99, to make a boosted engine on mk2

028 906 021 AF  from 1Z Golf date 29.06.95 on this one, immobilizer prevented the car to start one day in the morning, when there was no problem before, had to buy one with no immobolizer from early 95

I read some can be done via OBD plug, others can't, I have never done this before. I know the principle (dump, save, modify, write), but I  don't know what is the IC to work on, not sure what software/hardware to use...

If possible, I need to buy the tool that will enable me to remap on the socketed ICs on the 1st picture (I don't know what's on the map, but the immobilizer is ON)

thank you

Everyone I know who has had the immobilizer deleted has paid a professional tuner. 

I don't know about all MK3s but on the American ones with the AHU engine.
 The immobilizer is a separate relay. Like the seatbelt interlock relay.
 It can just be bypassed.


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