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I've done a LOT of reading over the last 2 months. I'm looking for a mechanical engine without electronics.
If I'm reading correctly; with an ALH engine I would need a mechanical fuel pump like Hans Auto sells. Would I need anything else for a ALH swap? I understand the turbo would need to be fully mechanical, need to have 12v on and off, and fuel.  Is there anything else the ALH needs after a mechanical pump (Hans Auto) swap?

Now for the AHU, if I'm reading correctly already has a mechanical pump and mechanical turbo so it just needs a new 'wiring harness' if you can call it that.  Essentially you can strip away everything and just wire up the injection pump, starter, and glow plugs.  Is that right?

This would be going into a 2002 Tacoma TRD so I understand modifications would be necessary to produce the power necessary.

 I'm looking to build an EMP proof vehicle which means no electronics.  Yes I'm one of those crazy people.

Do NOT get a pump from Hans!!  They have a horrible reputation for selling pumps that do not work right and their customer service is terrible. 

Get a Land Rover 200/300 TDI mechanical pump. 


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