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I am helping to settle the estate of my friend and some time poster to the site, Ken Tolbert. He had many many diesel heads, turbos, turbo oil pans, many NA and turbo injection pumps (1 is a never installed Giles pump). I have been give the task of disposing of it all and I just cannot bring myself to scrap the stuff. Tell me what you need and I will look for it. I know that he has at least 7 heads and several blocks, one fresh from the machine shop. dieseltdi at Verizon dot net

BTW I am in Texas

 Sad to hear we lost one.
 Nice of you to help make sure his stuff gets to the right people.

oh sad.. may he be ripping in the afterlife in his favorite vw.

 I could be interested in the Giles pump for my mk1 Jetta coupe TD..

I'm looking for the turbo oil return line from the CHRA to the oilpan.
1.6 TD


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