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Snapped Camshaft


I was spending the weekend giving my mk2 1.6 NA some much needed attention. I resealed the IP new cam cover gasket etc. I went to crank the car, heard a snapping sound and saw the sprocket go limp. The cam snapped between the two lobes for cylinder number 1. Am I good to throw another cam in it or do I need to pull the head and throw a new one on. PS I'm in the market for some 1.6 parts lol

Time for a new head, head-gasket  and headbolts if the pistons still look ok

That's what I figured. I must have timed it 180 out.

Timing it 180 out would not have cracked the cam.  It will actually run like crap at 180 out, done all the time with those two-hole sprockets on the IP.  I have to watch mine.  I should just put some paint on the inside of the one that is correct.  Maybe bright RED

I bet you were a couple to three teeth off and it just hit hard on the valve and popped a weak cam. 

Always turn the crankshaft two turns after putting a timing belt back on.


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