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Glow Plug Harness Connections - JX to AHU swap


Swapping a 1.6 TD JX to a 1.9 TDI AFN (think AHU) in a '91 Syncro Doka.

I now know the GP harness is different in the sense of the number of connections, 2 on the AHU / TDI version vs. 1 on the stock JX harness. I reasonably sure (but would like to confirm) that the JX harness can not be used on the TDI.

When comparing the wiring diagrams it seems there are two (2) connections on the TDI GP relay, one for each of the leads from the harness. This suggests to me that the AHU relay is different than the JX / TD one. I'm looking for confirmation on that, that is, should I be sourcing a replacement relay? And presumably I would have fab up a short interconnecting harness to get from the GP harness to the relay panel in the Doka's engine bay.

Thanks all!

The connectors on the TDI glow plugs are different from the IDI glow plugs.  You can use the JX glow plug relay, though.  Just connect the TDI harness as though it is the JX buss bar.     


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