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Full MK2 TD Air Intake Set Up


I can be reached via messaging on here or vortex or email, [email protected]

Jhax,  Where was this piece of hardware back in July?  I would have snapped it up in a jiffy.  Seems one can find turbos, flanges, waterlines to oil coolers and a host of what it takes to put a Turbo on a 1.6 except these parts.

I ended up getting the intake tube from MK1 and then found a super deal on a Spectre intake that works well and they gave nearly half my money back as a rebate.  But man I would have liked to have that setup as it is more of a fit as it was stock.

I doubt you will have a problem selling it.  I was just looking on Facebook market place and CL at another setup for a turbo and again there was no intake like yours in the mix.

It was in the car I pulled it from prior to it being junked. Still no bites yet

This is still available, in a box, ready to ship.



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